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Monday, November 01, 2004

Well, I'm off

Heading to Ottowa this morning. I've had about three hours of sleep - most of it tossing and turning. Just when I fell into a good sleep my alarm started going off. So, here I am. Very tired, and very nervous. Mostly worried about the drive tot he airport - it's a 2 hour drive and it's still pitch black out there - I have serious night blindness.

Also, I won't have my cell phone, ,my savior. I need to get international roaming put on my plan and evidently it's an ordeal pased on credit history, length of service, and payment reccord. They are probably also running my name through lists of names of known or suspected terrorists. It's supposed to be put on sometime today, but who knows. I may only get it when I get back. I also need lots more documents to fly internationally than I ever thought I would need. I know it's security and all, but for flippin sakes - it's just CANADA. Well hey dere, Some call it the 51st state, eh? (If you are from Canada and are reading this - I am very very sorry, I mean no offense - Ah'm jus a lil ol crackah white girl frum da south - well that's my excuse anyways, and I'm sticking to it.)

I have needles in my mini-sewing kit that I carry for emergencies - if they make me remove them, I will just die... that's too ridiculous. There won't be another update here until tomorrow night - probably late. Those of you that want to and have my cell number can try me, but I'd rather you called DH to get an update cause it's going to cost me 79cents per minute once international roaming is added to my cell plan. I'll be calling him to let him know that I'm alive and well - we won't speak long though - EX-PEN-SIVE.

So, ,DH, I'm leaving now - I love you and don't yell at the kids too much - K?


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