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Friday, November 05, 2004

Yay, I'm a Great Aunt!

No, really, I'm a Great Aunt! Well, I'm an aunt, and I'm great, but I'm also a great aunt! I am so excited, ,my niece had her baby it's a little girl. I guess she's doing really well and so is the baby. The baby will be named Taylor which I think is utterly cute! I can't wait to hold this little bundle and have her poop and then call my niece and say "she's all yours" LOL.

Speaking of holding this little bundle, I will get to travel really super close to my old hometown the last week of november/first week of december and I have gotten permission to extend it a few days to visit with family, I am so excited, I will be able to see family again! It's going to be so fun.... DH and I are tryingto think of ways to save up enough cash so that he can fly with me and visit family also. I am pretty sure that we can't afford it though. It's an expensive weekend to fly up there and I will have to kennel the dogs. Not going to be cheap. So it may be entirely out of the question about taking everyone. I feel really bad about that.


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