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Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas went to the dogs

How many times the dog crawled under the tree to sleep: At least 15
How many times she got yelled at for doing it or trying to do it: At least 25
How many times she got tangled in christmas lights: 3
How many times the tree went flying across the room: 3
How many ornaments broken: 1/2 (my angel lost some wing feathers)
How many presents chewed: 5
How many presents chewed all the way open by the dogs: 2
How many presents chewed beyond repair: 1/2 (it was a piece of the barbie gifts)
How many fights over the new beef bones Santa left: 4
How many scraps begged for: at least 500
How many scraps recieved as a result of said begging: 1
How many meals stolen off "forgotten" plates: 3
How many "accidents" because firstborn forgot to take them out while playing with new christmas stuff: 5
How many barks at the rainy day outside: 75
How many times let outside only to realize it's raining and digging paws into ground and refusing to go: 3
How many "why are you doing this to me" looks from the rain outside: 17
How many cuddles and licks? countless

Christmas is over..,,, Now if only I can get rid of all my hives and headaches and nausea. I've forgotten to call about a half million people that I was supposed to call for Christmas. If you are one of them - I will call you, I am really sorry. I am so sick to my stomach it's not funny. I don't know what's wrong - just feeling sick. I slept most of the day yesterday. My foot has inflated like a giant pink baloon - I didn't know what was wrong at first but when it spread to my calves and the other foot I realized it was hives. I have to keep it elevated or I am in some serious pain.... Not sure why I'm sick but I can only eat bland things or I will pay for it with my stomach upset later. I haven't been sleeping at all - I got up about 4 times last night and about 8 the night before.

Somehow I think it's all related to my nerves - the last time I got anxious I had pretty much the same symptoms. I had to resort to drugs for that - I hope I don't have to do it again, ,cause getting off the drugs later is SO flippin hard.


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