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Life is not about getting to the destination, life is what happens to you on the way there. 

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hey hey the gang's all here! Sorry about the christmas banner - I know it sucks. I was in a hurry. Thanksgiving should have been off of there quite a while ago.

I had so much fun up there! Here is the cache that we found. It was rainy soggy drippy and gooshy outside but we were troopers and persisted. One Ammo box of crap, covered in ick, served right up! LOL

And, as promised - here is the disastrous glass licking photo. Yummmm chocolate! I've cropped the image to protect the guilty, but if the person in question wants a full size image, that person can e-mail me. Or just wait for the Christmas CD shortly. I'm so mean. LOL

More baby! I could just eat her up she's so cute. I had almost forgotten how to hold a baby that small!

And here is a great shot of Grandma Anna Bananna and my cousin. Ladies, he's spoken for already. LOL

Here's the fabulous red car I got to drive all over Chicago. I discovered in a car that red, people really do see you in it. All other colors whenever I drove in Chicago I was nearly hit many times but driving around in this car was effortless.


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