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Friday, December 10, 2004

I'm a freak magnet

Well, now I have time to write I want to tell you a little bit about the person who sat in front of me for the plane ride home. He was a little bit scary. I took note of what he was wearing so I would be able to accurately describe him later. He had tan cargo pants, a brown and gold hawaiian shirt, whie and navy lacee up sneakers, white sport socks (I know this because he took off his shoes) bald because he shaved his head and the stubble was grey. He had kind of a hook nose and was very agitated for the whole trip. He had a laptop and kept on trying to connect to the internet via hi wireless card despite being 10000 feet high and flying at 200+ miles per hour. I paid close attention to this guy cause he immediately struck me as weird. Here's what happened:

I board the plane. I am in the VERY last row right above the landing gear - right behind me is the rear closet-bathroom. I'm walking back there and he's standing in the aisle. I say "Pardon me" and he gets this panicky look on his face so I tell him I'm behind him, not in the empty seat next to him. He looked immensely relieved. So... I stow my gear and settle in and pray that noone sits next to me so I can lean over and look out the window. He keeps griping about how we should just take off already - sooner we go the sooner we get there. That's annoying, but I figure he's just a nervous passenger or something and keep looking out the window and crossing my fingers. I cough a little - not bad - and he swivels around and says "How long have you been sick?" Okay - he's weird now. I tell him it's allergies and sinus problems due to being unaccustomed to the drier air up north and lots of second hand smoke. he laughs and says he's going to light up to make me feel at home. He's really odd now. I laugh a little cause he's trying to be funny and return to window peering. He fidgets and fidgets and makes the occasional crack and asks the random question but doesn't bother to listen to my answers so I just quit answering him.

Then, right after take off, he gets up and moves across the aisle. I figured it was cause he wanted to recline his seat and he knew it would crowd me (the plane was nearly empty) but he does the computer thing. Naturally he can't get online, but while he's trying he calls the stewardess "sweetie" and "honey" and takes off his shoes. he's just getting more and more agitated for the whole flight and finally puts the laptop away and asks me what part of Florida I am from. I told him that I was from south of {the city} and he says oh. Then he asks me if I drove to the airport. I was getting really freaked out at that point so I said "No, my HUSBAND will be there to pick me up" and he says "Oh". That's the last he speaks to me and we exit the plane after landing. I called DH and discovered that he wasn't at the airport yet so I went to baggage claim to get my suitcase (note to self - buy a hard-side next time, my current suitcase is trashed)

So, I'm sitting there waiting for the bags to come and he walks up to me and says he needs a cigarette, can I watch his stuff. He doesn't wait for an answer and deposits his things next to me and walks to the car rental counter. I sat there but pretended like his stuff was not mine. The bags came and I got my suitcase and loaded up my laptop bag onto that so I wouldn't have to carry everything and sat down to wait for DH. The guy, meanwhile is still yapping at the car rental counter. He keeps glancing my way and gesturing like he's describing something to the person at the counter. I pretended I didn't see him and continue to wait. He finally comes back up to me and says "Thanks for watching my stuff. Where's your husband?" I told him that he would be meeting me just outside the door in a couple of minutes. The guy looks at me hard for a second and then says "well you were very sweet to watch my stuff for me" and he shakes my hand and walks off. Needless to say I stuck around inside and right where the security guards were hanging out.

Maybe he was really a nice guy and not a freak or anything but he sure had me worried.


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