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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I've given in - now I might just live!

OK - I called the doctor - it was obvious that the swelling was not going to go away like the other times. I lost it when I started developing a hive inside my MOUTH. The doctor is only working half days this week because of the holidays and I don't blame him cause why go to work when half your appointments are just going to be no-shows anyway? Anyways, I called him and they said they could fit me in on Friday but what was the problem? I told them about the swelling and the pain and the itching and hiving and everything and they asked me if I was taking my Zyrtec regularly.

My what?

Oh yeah. The last time this happened I had to have Zyrtec to help control it. TOTALLY forgot about that. Uh, oops?

No money plus really dumb prescription plan that makes my regular prescriptions cost me over $300 a month = unmedicated patient. It's literally been about a year since I took Zyrtec last - (I wonder if it's an allergic reaction to something that blooms only at this time of year? Ah, how lovely life is in Florida...) so anyhow I admitted my stupidity in not thinking of that and explained why I was no longer taking it and they offered some SAMPLES.

Oh BLESS the doctors and the pill makers for SAMPLES, because they are free!

So, I've talked dear DH into picking up the samples and bringing some to me here at work and I have taken one pill with some serious doubts about it working but either my feet are shrinking or my shoes are much looser. Don't get me wrong, my legs are still swollen and painful, but oh my goodness, I think I might live!


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