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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Ornament party

I went to this because Cate (a funny grandma that has a great gift for poetry and prose) wrote me a FABULOUS poem to go with my penguins explaining why they were all toasty and sooty and they were a HUGE hit. I told everyone that the poem wasn't mine and that it came from a comment on my site... and of course everyone had to hear about how it all happened... it was a great night. Thank you so much Cate! I've been meaning to link you for a while now but now I have no excuse, ,you really bailed me out. LOL

Other events of the night... I got home at around midnight because after the party I remembered I still needed a gift for Youngest's birthday. (Which is today! My baby is 6! Wah!) I managed to talk her out of a party in favor of a half-birthday party in about 6 months with her friends and a PINATA. Oh, pinata, thank you for bailing me out of a birthday party this Christmas! Because, ,dear pinata, you cannot be whacked at indoors, you must be out doors, ,and to whack at you outdoors it must be warm. Yep, kill the kids with logic and reasoning. Of course, now I will have to invite enough kids to make the pinata worthwhile, and we shall have to feed said kids and entertain them for a couple of hours - but I don't have to do it at Christmas time. THANK GOODNESS!

DH bought youngest a cake, WIF 'PRINKLES! and some frosting WIF 'PRINKLES!. (That's exactly how she says it too, leaving of fthe S and emphasizing the PRINKLES part, it's so cute) and I bought her a tiara to wear all day long because she is the birthday girl. We will be taking her out for dinner "someWHERE we never ate to" and they will sing happy birthday to her. Youngest wants her ears pierced for her birthday to be just like sissy so we will be doing that today too.

Tonight we will be going to look at Christmas lights. I'm bringing my tripod this year so maybe we will get some nice shots. That is, if noone drives arounds with their brights on the entire time they are riding my butt in the slow lane because their turn is a while up there and they don't feel like passing me so they get right up on me and then turn on their brights to blind me and make me move over but I'm so stubborn that I simply angle my mirrors away and drive very SLOWLY and the closer they get and the more they flash their brights I drive slower and slower because they are just being rude and obnoxious now and when they reach their turn they peel away with squealing tires around the corner and I floor it from 15mph to 45. (this happened last night if you can't tell)


Blogger Cate said...

Karry, so glad everything worked out with the penguins and that you could use the poem.
We have snow here, and it's really coming down. Wish I could send the Smiths some.
Your pictures are great! Cate

12/19/2004 05:25:00 PM  

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