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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The apathetic post

I can't think of anything funny that happened or anything that's worth writing about. Yesterday I thought and thought and thought and nothing came to mind. So - this is a really apathetic little post. I'm only posting to tell you - well - nothing really. Maybe if I make it into a list I will think of something.

Recent happenings:
1 - I asembled my desk from parts I had in the garage - and it looks fabulous. I'm still organizing it. This happened 2 days ago but if you count today it was three.
2 - Middle child won't or can't seem to get her alarm configured correctly. She asked me to fix it but I wasn't going to wade through her room to get to it and she wouldn't make me a path so it's still set incorrectly.
3 - There is a bead show coming up at the end of the month I really wish I could go to but can't cause I'll want to buy and I just don't have the money for that - more important things to care for right now.
4 - Pedro took a tumble last night and scared himself badly but he's fine. He's got to work up his self confidencee again - he tenderfoots it around the house again like he is testing the floor. I make him walk instead of be carried - if he's going to be blind for life he's not going to get coddled (that much anyhow). This morning he was wrestling the other dogs again so I'm not worried.
5 - uhm.... I bought gas the other day. That's saying something too cause I don't usually buy the gas for the car. I'm so stupid that I locked the car, ,went to the gas thingie, and remembered it only opens with a lever from inside so I had to go back around the car, unlock the car, pull the lever, lock the car again and then get the gas.... slightly embarassing
6 - I still haven't mailed the chrtistmas packages. Those of you waiting for them will get them by Valentines day - I promise!
7 - Um, there is the company christmas party this coming Friday evening. Should be fun. They always give the employees something interesting - I wonder what it is this year? Last year it was a bug-zooka which is a suction type device that sucks up bugs from a distance into a humane trapping jar that is see through and then you can take the jar outside to dispose of the bug. That device has saved coutless spiders and for those of you who know how I am about spiders - it has saved my vocal cords many times over.
8 - both tires on the left side of my car have slow leaks in them. I have to fill them up about every three days. The holes have been patched but they are in the sidewall of the tire so the patch doesn't really fix it well there. My car is about to die so I'm not wanting to invest in new tires for it....
9 - this post was so lame - I'm really sorry.

Okay, ,no I'm not. it contained something so I guess it wasn't quite as apathetic as I thought it would be. But you'll have to give me the lame part - I insist. LOL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry it was a slow, non-eventful day. Maybe I missed the post, but can you explain the "This site is 60% GOOD" thing?
I don't get it.

1/07/2005 02:24:00 PM  
Blogger Karry said...

It's a stupid blog-ism. I entered my site into this "evaluator" (click the 60% good button to go there) and it evaluated my site and I got to choose either 60% good or 40% evil. I was tempted by the evil, but it wasn't over 50% evil so I was swayed by the good. LOL

1/07/2005 02:53:00 PM  

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