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Friday, January 28, 2005

Final treatment!!

I haven't found a critter on anyone in days (many days in fact) and last night was the final critter treatment to nab anything I didn't see. Yahoo! We are now (I hope I'm not jinxing it) officially critter free! Well, those kinds of critters anyway. I noticed some shiny critters on my other children - you kow - the furry ones - and those shiny critters are the kind that jump and bite. So, it's time to flea-dip all 4 dogs and 3 cats. SOME-body's been rolling in the grass outside and picking these things up. I'm not naming names but she better stop trying to eat grass so she can puke on the carpet - none of the other puppies seem to enjoy doing this - why she likes it is beyond me. Maybe she's telling me that my carpet in all it's bleached cream glory is just too pale and needs splashes of color added to it? Honey, I will give you watercolors before I let you do that again. Yeeeecccchhhhhh.

It's also probably time to spray the yard cause I just did a flea bath on all of 'em about a week ago when I thought we might be getting people-critters from those furry pals of mine. I know that technically this isn't possible according to all the materials that I have read about people-critters but if you've been battling them for as long as I have, you'd cover all the bases too.


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