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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Middle child is my trial

Middle child is having a bad day. She refuses to make a path to her alarm clock and then grouses at me for not helping her fix it. She slept in ten extra minutes even though I warned her that she would miss breakfast and when she tried to eat breakfast I made her get ready for school first and whined the whole time "you let the other kids eat!". Of course she dragged her feet on that too so she had to run to catch the bus and didn't get breakfast, but I'm telling you, it's not for lack of me hounding her. It doesn't matter if I get her up at 7am or 8am, if I get her up earlier she just moves slower.

This morning, she wanted to talk to youngest about what they were going to wear. Youngest knows that usually means stripping, giving her outfit to middle child and wearing something else. I totally don't blame her - she had shoes on, her coat and backpack on and was just sitting around waiting on middle child so she could go to the bus stop. I left the room a moment, and when I returned both girls were dressed and both were pouting and firstborn was telling youngest - "Tell mom what happened".

Tell mom what happened?

I played back the last 5 minutes of my absence in my mind and didn't recal anything crashing, banging or screeching so I figured how bad could it be. "Tell me what?" I said as I walked across the room to check my e-mail. Silence. Not good. "Tell me WHAT?" I asked again. Silence. "SOMEbody better tell me SOMETHING! NOW!" Finally firstborn sighed and said "middle child kicked youngest in the shins and youngest hit middle child back and middle child was going to hit youngest over the head but you walked out" Aha... hmmmmm. "Middle Child is this true?" Silence. "middle child! answer me" silence. "Middle child, if you don't answer me we are going to do more than discuss this incident and you won't like it at all"

Finally she comes stomping up to me and says "Why do I have to be punished? She wouldn't talk to me! You never punish her!"

Mmmmm, opening with the distraction technique. Nice shot, but no. "Did you kick youngest?"

"She kicked me three years ago and you didn't do anything then!"

"She was only three years old!" Dang, fell for it again.

"But you never punish her, she should get punishment too! You never believe me when I tell you she hits me!" Obviously I am not a fair mother because three years ago youngest hit middle child and youngest didn't get punished. Where does she get this stuff? I can't remember what happened three years ago!

"Because when she hits you, it's always in retaliation for something you have done to her - like a bloody nose or bruised shins"

"But I didn't do it!"

Aha - admission, time to move in for the kill. "SO, you are telling me that you didn't hit youngest when there is at least one witness to the event?"


"That's what I thought. Go apologize to her and if it happens again you are going to have to kiss her." I'm bluffing on this cause I hope she doesn't feel like kissing her sister. Normally they are pretty close.

The kids made it out the door in time for a healthy jog to the bus this morning but Ugh! Middle child is so my trial. The other two are pretty compliant, but middle child has to balk at EVERYTHING I ask her to do. I worry about the teen years - I know the drama will just escalate.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girl I know exactly what you are saying. It is not any better with boys!

1/12/2005 02:50:00 PM  

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