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Sunday, January 23, 2005

My latest addiction

I found this ADORABLE online game that is SO CUTE I could just squinch up my eyes in all it's cute glory and pass out from cutesy wootsey characters and graphics. I had been playing a game called KAL online but it really got to be rather depressing - just run around and hack and slash, maybe level up, watch out for all the rude people and that's about it. The kids also played it but it was a bit bloody for my taste. I'm not sure if I'll return to that game - I liked it, but it's almost a dead end - nothing new or fun to it. This game, I'll keep going back just for all the CUTESY imagery - it's so cute! I got to run around tonight slaughtering Jellybeans and butterflies! I can buy fairy wings to wear! I have purple hair! I wear a minnie mouse bow! I can shoot things with bubbles! Check it out, I've put a screenshot below. The website is www.roseon.com and even the site is nice and cutely made.

Did I mention it's free? Free to download (300+ MB plus a hefty patch once it's installed, so have about a gig free on your hard drive, and it's not easy on bandwidth so I don't recommend it for dialup users) and free to play! They are still working out some bugs, but this has got to be the most toddler safe environment for an online game I have ever seen. I could just gag on all the cuteness. Oh, and when you lose a battle, you "faint", you don't die. YAY it's so cool. I am SO introducing my children to this game tomorrow.


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