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Friday, January 21, 2005

Random complaints and rants - my eyeballs are hot!

Yeah - it sounds weird, but they are hot. I tried to go to work today but left early because of all the wheezing and hacking, not all of it my own. Nearly half the office has got some sort of cold, why it's hitting me so hard and not them I have no idea. The last thing I need is to catch something else when I'm still so weak over this cold. Also, when your entire phone call is interrupted by mute button silences to hack a lung, it's not good for client relations. calls that should have taken me about 3 minutes to do took over 10 for all the hacking I was doing. That's how I justified going home early to myself anyhow. You see, one of the joys of parent hood is that after the baby arrives and for many years thereafter, when you get sick and you cough, you *ahem* leak a little. Well, the real reason I left is not only because I coughed so much, but I was worried I'd be coughing out a puddle under my desk and down the hallway to the bathroom and there was NO WAY I could explain THAT and continue to work there. My supervisors are childless males! I also couldn't stay in the bathroom all day leaking into the toilet while I coughed - I mean, c'mon - this is WORK? I'm supposed to do somethign PRODUCTIVE. (Phlegm doesn't count) So, I left. I just know that I'm going to turn into this little old lady in diapers when I get older. Not looking forward to that AT all.

Want a list of symptoms? No? well too bad cause it's my blog and I'm gonna post them anyways.
1 - hot eyeballs
2 - numb lips
3 - DRY skin
4 - weird cramps that are halfway between "get outta my way, ,I'm headin for the bathroom" and half "that time"
5 - aching teeth
6 - Dizzy
7 - random nausea
8 - sore hair (yes, really)
9 - zits (WHO gets ZITS because they are sick? I mean WHO?)

Yeah - well none of you I am sure wanted to hear me whine and moan and groan about this. I've hunted all over for my athsma meds and I can't find them - didn't sleep much last night for all the wheezing - think I'm going to have to go to walgreens tonite for more. It's going to be such a waste too cause I'll buy it, and use it for 3-4 days then it will sit around, ,expire, I'll chuck it again and then I'll need it.

I'm also doubting if I will ever hear out of my right ear again. I lost hearing in that ear back with the first cold in November - it filled with fluid and then I had the flight to Ottowa which aggravated it. It started to come back - barely - and then I flew to Chicago which set it off again. If you've been reading that long, you'll know I was sick for that trip too. So, I thought it might come back fro Christmas, then I figured New Years, and occasionally it does deflate and I can hear again for about five minutes but then it fills back up and it is like everything has an echo... It's back to full silence now and I'm getting SO FLIPPING MAD AT MY BODY THAT WONT STAY WELL LONG ENOUGH TO **DO** ANYTHING FUN EVER. I have a trip to Jersey in about a week and I'm going to be sick for that too - WHY ME????

It's been a rotten terrible horrible no good very bad day. I'm all weepy for no real good reason- I suspect cause its this awful cold. Yeah - well, I cry when I'm mad so maybe that's why I'm all teary right now and all day today. Maybe it's lack of sleep. Maybe it's the pain. Maybe I'm a whiny crybaby. Maybe it's the fact that I'm still de-bugging every night (We WILL NOT get them again, I SWEAR) and both girls have the cold too and are themselves total whiny moany crybabies? Maybe it's because the dogs REFUSE to poop outside cause it's so much warmer and softer inside? (They don't have trouble peeing outside - who knows...) Maybe it's because I want to eat but everything I try to shove down makes me gag after the third bite. Maybe it's because I found DH smoking in the house today after he told me he quit and even if he didn't he knows that the ONLY thing I ask of him is to NOT SMOKE INSIDE. EVER. He so totally knows this. I don't complain about him smoking in the garage even though when he does the smoke goes in through the air conditioner air vents and makes the house stink. It's the principle of the thing - he's not in the house - I don't have to see him poison himself.

Maybe the lack of oxygen to my brain is making me neurotic. Maybe I already was neurotic and this cold has lowered my inhibitions.

Pardon me, I must scream in frustration and desperation now.......................

OK - I'm better.

No, I'm not, but hey writing this helped some.


Blogger pismire said...

I am also in the midst of getting over a horrible illness - sounds like we both got the flu. I, too, get that "hot eyeball" feeling. I usually say that "my eyeballs are boiling," and that's when I know I have a FEVER. It's the best way I can describe the feeling.

1/22/2005 01:41:00 PM  

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