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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Things are better

After a night of Nyquil induced unconsciousness (I didn't even roll over, and I'm a tosser/turner at night) I am feeling better. Not by much, but everything doesn't look as bleak.

Today I got to thinking about an old pal of mine from the seventh grade. We used to write notes ALL the time and got in trouble for it more than once. I still have some of the good ones stuffed in a box in the attic somewhere. (yeah, I'm a pack rat, but you can't just toss MEMORIES) Today I got the bright idea to look her up. I thinkI found her but because i havent talked to her in over... oh let's see now.... 18 years (OMG has it really been that long??? Shrimpy, I am so sorry I never wrote you back!) I didn't want to flip her out with a weird phone call. And GOD forbid it's not the right person! So, I wrote her a letter and mailed it before I could think of reasons not to. A letter is pretty inoccuous right? It's safe?

OMG what if I just germed her with the cold from HELL? has the mailman come yet? Shrimpy, if you are reading this, IM SO SORRY!


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