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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I came home from work yesterday and there was a splattered grapefruit in the middle of the road. I immediately knew something was up and that it involved my children. Don't ask me how I knew - I mean there are other children in the neighborhood besides mine and just because there is bright yellow grapefruit rind and pulp in the middle of the road reflecting the evening sunshine doesn't mean that MY kids did it. But still - I knew - it was mine. As I drove past the rind thinking about what EVER could have prompted my kids to splatter grapefruit in the road, I notice the herd of kids (Mine plus the neighbors) in the middle of the street in front of me. There was much screaming and flailing of arms - and then they noticed me. Fortunately my car is immune to bike tires - they banged them into the car trying to swarm the driver side window and get their side of the story heard.

...MOM, she said... ... and then they took her bike.... got mad at... crying really hard.... grapefruit... but then I told her.... smooshed it with my..... and my knee got hurt.... took the fruit... ran away... not supposed to be outside... she left the bike... snuck out... green, and... the house... they tried to... it was so hard to smoosh.... so can I ride her bike?

HUH? It was 6pm and getting dark fast. No time to deal with any of this - no one is hurt - it's just damage control from here on out.

I must have looked like an air traffic controller. YOU! pick up the grapefruit, YOU! go home, YOU! put the bike in the trunk, YOU! get in the car, YOU! go get the other bike and bring it home.

I didn't even bother with the whole story. Something about a grapefruit and riding youngests bike with the training wheels. Whatever. Anything that involves a bike and smooshing a grapefruit is just too complicated to hear about at the end of a day.


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