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Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Grandma Gene

Things are going well so far - there have been no crises unless you ocunt the time at the flea market when middlechild had a temper tantrum inthe middle of the aisle because she wanted a drink RIGHT THEN and I told her we couldn't get one until we got to the rest of our group. I have clawmarks that are slowly healing on my hand. Oh and I went through a period of near panic when I found out my drivers license was missing. I found it this morning but only because I worried over it all night and then dreamed it was in my briefcase. So this morning I looked in my briefcase and there it was. Duh....

Grandma has been really spoling my kids - they have three new outfits, new cameras, sunglasses, ,cd/tape players and everything - it's been like christmas in February for them. Firstborn was playing Grandma and me like a violin at the flea market the other day. He wanted to spend some money so I allowed him to buy some of his infamous Yu-Gi-Oh cards (they were really cheap but I wouldn't spend more than $10 which meant he couldn't get one of each kind of pak. So I bought those and told him that was it. later on I found him with more thn I bought and asked him if he took them. (NOT beyond him, believe me) and both he and grandma said that she bought them. I was floored - He knew I said no more but still asked her for more anyhow. He did the same thing with sunglasses. I told him no he couldn't have them because he didn't take care of his last pair. So when I'm not looking he bought a pair with Grandma. She didn't knwo so it was definitely not her fault - but I told firstborn that if it happened again he would be in some serious doo-doo. No means NO. He also conned her out of a cd player and some CD's. He knew I was waiting on him for a while because I had just bought him a tape player and wanted to be sure he would take care of it. AAARGH. Well, he knows that if he messes up - it's getting confiscated. I am not above that. I'm letting Grandma spoil them because she doesn't get to see them often and if she wants to - well that's within her right cause I plan on taking advantage of the Grandma gene fully when I am older. LOL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently blogs about grandma bring ads for Fuller Brushes, stain removal, and Dog Poop Bags. Being a member of AARP, I am highly offended. Just Kidding. I love your posts, and now for added fun I get to see what ads the GoogleBot generates.

2/21/2005 06:08:00 PM  

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