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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Happiness is...

...freaking out your family on the phone when you call home to tell your DH you are ready to be picked up from work because he has the car and you do not.

Middlechild: Hello, this is the Smith residence, may I ask who is calling?
Me: (in gruff low voice) Yeah, it's MOM
Middlechild: WHO is it???
Me: (still in gruff voice) Its MOM, I want to talk to dad.
Middlechild: (holding phone away from face) Dad? There's this creepy guy on the phone asking for you
Me: (falling on face in giggles)
DH: Hello? Who is this?
Me: (In gruff voice, amid many higher pitched giggles) It's Mom
DH: Can I help you?
Me: (In normal voice now cause I'm gonna pee my pants this is too funny) DH! It's me!
DH: OH! Middlechild, it's just mom being silly!



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