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Monday, February 07, 2005

Happy monday to me - happy monday to me - happy monday to MEEEEEE-eeeee

Happy Freakin' monday to me.

I have to air up my tires every morning because they have loose valve stems in them or something. I also have to fillup the radiator with water because it leaks like a sieve somewhere on the left hand side of the engine near the water pump - might be a crack in the block DH says and we know that's BAD so we have been kind of ignoring it and pretending it's just a normal radiator leak and hoping against hope that it will fix itself. (Radiator leaks do that sometimes you know - if it gets so rusty inside the radiator that the rust settles over the hole then voila - no more leak) The exhaust is also almost shot and the engine hammers and it burns oil and the whole thing has had a shimmy ever since we wrapped the front end around a deer.

I really need a new car.

So - this morning I told DH to take the really bad tire off and put on the spare. He told me that would not be good to do for any length of time. I came right back at him and told him I'm tired of airing up to go to work and airing up to come home from work. Just tired of it. I'd rather drive on the spare. So - DH, being the genius inventor he is, put a coating of clay on the exterior of the valve stem to help seal it. That worked - I now have a blue blob on my tire, but it worked and given how ugly this machien is I don't think a blue blob is going to make that big of a difference.

So, my car was clay blobbed and I'm happily beebly-bibbly-ing my way to work and I get to the uber-busy road with 7 lanes total across the road and the engine stops. I will say that again. IT JUST STOPS. It won't turn over - I'm sitting there in the middle of 5 lanes of traffic with my flashers on and a dead cell phone (the charger is at work - I forgot to take it with me on my trip and 5 days with no charge does not make for a happy phone.) and the ENGINE WON"T TURN OVER. I drained the battery trying to make it turn over. I was so embarassed.

There was about three ounces of power left in my phone so I called DH adn told him I needed a rescue. I called work and explained that I was only 2 minutes away from the parking lot but would be about an hour late due to my car. Then DH called me back and asked me if I had gassed up recently. I couldn't answer him cause all that stress was just too much for my phone and it crapped out.

So - I'm sitting there, motionless and phone less - the object of everyone's ire cause I'm in an uber-busy location for 9am and this massive white van (I thinkit was the same one) pulled up behind me. Everyone else had been going around cause they saw my blinkers but not this guy. He just laid on the horn and did the exasperated shoulder throw hands in air like "WTF you think you are doing sitting still at a green light lady???" He finally got the idea when Dh pulled up in front of me and walked back to the car to talk to me. He finally passed me with the dirtiest of looks and what the heck could I do? I was stuck - I can't move that car by myself and steer it too.

DH pushed me into the parking lot of a nearby bank where we parked it and he tried all the obvious things to fix it. Nothing worked. We are pushing it to the nearby auto-shop later tonight where the nice owner said we could park it over night and he would look at it tomorrow morning.

Bank manager - 50 points for allowing me to leave the car in the lot temporarily
Car repair shop - 50 points for letting us bring the car there even when he was closed tonight so he can look at it in the morning.
Citizens of my town - 5 points for the ONE person (out of at least 500) who offered me the use of their cell phone at the stop light - even if it was after I had made all the neccesary calls and didn't need it.
Driver of the hated white van - NEGATIVE 200 points for ignorance and overall obnoxiousness.
A DH that will come push me out of an intersection even though he's really sick - Priceless


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG. I know I've heard a very similar story somewhere before. Oh yeah, it was me! Actually I have a few of those but one is very similar. Except for the DH part and I had 3 kids with me. Just smile girl, it is something to laugh about later (well maybee). Hope you get that new to you car very soon!

Oh yeah I got the keys to my new home yesturday and I already hit Menard's. I feel so great!! Still waiting on tax to pay off. But I put some down so I could get the keys to start playing with my new house!

Your Friend (the new-to-me Home Owner!)

2/08/2005 09:30:00 AM  

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