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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines day!

So, the other day I sat down with card stock, a paper cutter, a whole mess o' stamps, and some ink pads. I showed the kids how to make their own valentines. We made 90 of them, and that doesn't include the ones they "messed up". Today I shipped them all off to school with 30 valentines each becasue their classes are almost 30 kids each plus teachers and all was well with the world.

I called the fire department to see if they wanted my old car to use as a practice car for Jaws of life. They are interested and want me to call back wednesday to make arrangements to have it delivered to them. I get a deduction, they get good practice - it's a win-win situation. Plus - what better way for ole Bibbly-bibbly to go out? He must die in style I say, and what better way to do it than in the vise-grip of pneumatic pliers? And then maybe some blazing flames! Ooooh - maybe even a nice crumpling explosion! Wooo! Go bibbly - go bibbly - go bibbly!

Eh - who am I kidding, It will be neat to see the practice in action. Sweaty firefighters! Yeah! (shh don't tell DH I said that)

Speaking of DH, ,he shampooed the entire house today. THE WHOLE HOUSE. My carpet is white again! Wahoo! (Okay - so it's really the color of tea with cream - but at least it's now a uniform color) It's almost like new carpet it's so clean. New and improved - now with fewer stains and only a slight hint of a funny smell (I think it's bleach???)

My MIL will be here on Wednesday - it will be so good to see them all again. Odd to have them all staying with me - but I think we will manage. I have two queen air-beds and a twin size airbed and a fold-a-bed couch so there's places to sleep. ALSO - I'm not going as crazy over the house as I did for when my own mother came to visit. I've decided it's more about the people than it is about the clean house. Although - mom, if you ever decide to come down for another visit - I will likely go insane dusting the lightbulbs again. You just have a different impact on me. LOL - not that it's bad, because by the time you come down again I will likely HAVE to dust my lightbulbs again - I think it's local ordinance or something down here: "Thou shalt not leaveth the dust to collect on thy lightbulbs whence thine own mother cometh to visit anon" Or perhaps it's just the fire hazard that will force the fire fighters to come knocking on my door to ask me to clean my lightbulbs and remove the inch of dust that has accumulated. Wooo! Blazing flames! Maybe a nice crumpling explosion! Sweaty firefighters.... WAIT - that's supposed to be my car, not my house.

I need some sleep - it's already tomorrow and I'm still awake. I think I shouldn't have had that coke. Caffeine and all y'all. Makes me wired. I try to avoid that stuff - I drink things I never thought I would like DIET RITE and CAFFEINE FREE DIET PEPSI. Those are so not the cool sodas I thought Iwould drink when I grew up. (am I done growing up yet? me-thinks I am still lacking in tact and maturity sometimes) But no, I had to have that coke - and NOW I'm all WIRED and I'm not TIRED and I'm BOUNCING off the WALLS. But I still don't feel like cleaning. Bleah....


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