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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm here

Hey, I'm here and it's not that bad! I managed to connect this thing to the net (SCORE!) and now I'm "working" from the comfort of my non-stinky hotel room. This hotel is rather nice actually. The wallpaper is peeling in a couple of corners but the room is nice and its not dark and it smells vaguely fruity like someone has a plug-in in the room or somehting. I like it.

I'm back in the snow and I'm not liking that. I also felt rather frumpy in my preppy business casual clothes because they picked me up at the airport EXACTLY on time in a MERCEDES. On the highway we spent a good amount of time following a limo. This is a rather nice part of town and a really nice hotel and they fed me chicken parmesan that came in a HUGE portion and I was so hungry and it was so good that I ate the whole thing instead of politely stopping halfway through and saving the rest. You can call me a pig - lol but you haven't TASTED this chicken parmesan. I'm telling you - it is to DIE for.

The only thing I am not liking is the fact that I was working at their office rearranging things until about 10pm. Dinner was at 9. I was starved and really tired. Oh well, It's overtime for me actually if I keep track of the hours I spend working. Payday in two weeks will be good.

Tomorrow I am going to hook this laptop up to their projector to teach my class. They actually have a real classroom. I'm so used to wedging it into someone's home office or their closet-office (ask me some day about the server - the main server that hold critical data with no backup - that was suspended in a closet by it's POWER CORD) that having a real classroom is a NICE change.

Yikes, almost midnight. I'm off to get my email adn then start the movie download - not sure which one I want to watch - I'll update on that later. DH if you are readingthis I love you adn give the kids a hug goodnight for me. I'm really sorry I forgot to bring the cell phone charger.


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