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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My poor baby

Youngest got her ears pierced for her birthday and I had thought they were healed up nicely and they looked fine to me so I stopped checking them. Well today she tells me that she needs her ear cleaned cause it hurts. I looked at it and the front of the ear was fine but the back of the ear - Oh my goodness - she had an enormous infection. Then I checked the ear that wasn't hurting and that one was infected too - just not as bad. It was so tender to the touch - I felt awful for her - I took out the one earring to howls of pain and it just immediately started oozing from the front and back - it was really bad.

I felt terrible.

So to clean it I had to apply pressure to the thing so it would drain all the way and that REALLY hurt (I was gentle about doing it) and my poor baby was flipping out by the time I had squeezed both ears and peroxided them. There was so much crap in her ears I will never know why she didn't mention it before. But then again - this is my baby who will insist on going to school with a fever of 103.

DH had to help put the earring back in because by that time she was sure she no longer wanted earrings at all "no more never". I walked her through breathing exercises while we put them back in because she was teetering on the edge of sheer panic.

Yes - I taught lamaze breathing to my six year old.

One ear I am sure will be fine - the other I am really worried about. DH and I are going to monitor it closely and if it gets even the slightest bit worse she's going to a doctor and we let the holes close up. We didn't dare leave the earrigns out tonight though because that's where it drains and if it seals up I will have to lance her ear and THAT will not be fun to do. We also put neosporin plus (has a numbing agent in it as well as being anti-bacterial and vaseliney) on her ears. She was so shaky from fear she could hardly stand while we did this - I really felt terrible.

Once we were done we talked about owies and when an owie doesn't go away for a long time or one whole day it's time to tell someone. Sometimes if the owie is in a place like an earring it's important to tell someone about it anyways or you risk losing a lot more than just a piercing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely leave those earrings in! Like you said, that's where they are draining from. If the infection does not look like its going away as it should, she might be allergic to nickel. Nickel is in 99.99999% of all earrings. All gold earrings are mixed with nickel, sterling silver has it, surgical steel has it. Even the studs used to pierce ears have it. You can only trust the ones that say "nickel free", and sometimes those just have a protective coating on them so you are not directly in contact with the nickel. I know the ear cleaning solution they have at the earring store is pricey, but peroxide and alcohol is actually corrosive on earring posts and can strip away any proctective coating. The "ear care" stuff is not. If she was okay the first few days after the piercing, most likely it's just an infection. A nickel allergy rears it's ugly head by the next day. I found all this out after I got a third earring in the cartilidge and it swelled so bad I didn't have a fold in my ear. Come to think of it now, I don't think kids are allergic to nickel. That's something that comes on with old age. The ripe old age of 19! Tell the little one she's in my thoughts and take care, earrings are one of the fun things about being a girl.
-Jen from MI

2/10/2005 08:50:00 AM  
Blogger Karry said...

I did not know that peroxide and alchohol was a corrosive to earrings. I've always used it. huh....

I know it's not a nickel allergy - but her sister (middle child) can't wear cheap earrings - they have to be the allergy free ones so I havent tried any others on any child than the special ones.

Me - on the other hand - unless it's gold, I get severely itchy ears after about 3-4 hours of wearing them. They don't swell, just itch like crazy. It must be my age that changed me because I never had an issue until a couple years ago.

I'll pass along your good thoughts to her, I am sure it will make her smile. :)

2/10/2005 06:17:00 PM  

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