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Sunday, February 06, 2005

News from the ramble-on queen

Well, I managed to score a good seat ont he plane home with noone sitting next to me (there were TWO empty seats on that plane so this was not an easy feat. I got a window AND an empty seat!) The plane was packed because everyone was flying to Florida for the superbowl. After I got off the plane I saw people holding signs for the players and crew and entertainers and stuff so maybe I flew on a plane with a quasi-celebrity! Hahaha

I got to see the statue of liberty from the air at night - really really spiffy looking let me tell you. Oh, and as I landed (lookit me I landed the plane - yeah! ...kidding - it's a poor choice of words but I can't think of any other way to say it) there were fireworks going off (Superbowl event) and let me tell you fireworks from the air are REALLY COOL. Later I found out that as I was watching those from the air, DH was in the car watching them as he was driving up to get me.

The training went exceptionally well, everyone was very enthusiastic about the software and what it can do - I got applause! That felt great. They sent for a car to take me back tothe airport and it was also a mercedes with a driver and the interior had real wood trim instead of the fake stickered faux plastic woodgrain trim. The seats were soft and supple leather - ohhhhhh it was nice. I asked the driver if he had ever driven celebrities around and he said yes but wouldn't tell me who so I sat in a car where celebrities could have sat! Maybe even Jack Nicholson or Mel Gibson or Madonna or someone political like the soviet priemere! It was cool. Let me tell you - I could get used to having money. I really could.

The car ride home from the airport took FOR-EV-ER I forgot how far this particular airport really is from home. That and after all the mercedes's (is that even proper use of an apostrophe?) I had been riding in - getting into my own rustbucket with no heater core and cold drafts was a bit disappointing and sobering. Sadly, I am not a millionaire, I'm not even a thousand-aire. Maybe a hundred-aire on payday, but that's only a couple of hours long till the bills get paid. LOL

The in-laws are coming down for a visit in a couple weeks - it was a spontaneous trip made for reasons I am not going to post about here, but we should all have fun. DH and most of them will be going to the Daytona 500, MIL and I will stay home with my chicken-boy (the races are too noisy for him) and youngest, maybe middle child, not sure about that yet and DH was worried I wouldn't want to. He just doesn't get it - I like my MIL so I don't mind at all. I'd get so bored at the race too. It will be windy and cold (ok it will be probably in the 50 degree range but it's still COLD) and I'd rather wtch it on TV where there arent a ton of people and a ton of noise and I can hear the commentary. We should have our income tax refund by then and I've already decided on a couple of things we are going to be doing with part of it.

1 - send the two oldest to a week-long summer camp. (going to camp changed my life in many ways, I want this for my own kids)
2 - Get a new camera. That way, DH can have my old one. (I get the hand-me down computer, he can get the hand-me-down camera) Sadly it will not be my dream camera. That's just more than I'm comfortable spending.
3 - Get Pedro's eye surgery and shots for all the animals.
4 - Buy a new-to-me car and pay bills.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I am (very last minute) coming to Florida for work. I will be in Orlando- staying at the Dolphin hotel on Disney property. Will be there for about 3 days, maybe longer if I can do it. I finally bought a camera- a Kodak EasyShare CX7530- 5mp. I like it- pretty decent for a first camera- but you will have to let me know!

Your bud in MI,

2/07/2005 06:12:00 PM  

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