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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The sickies

Youngest is sick again. She's spiking a fever and has the runny nose congested type cough. Fortunately, Motrin and tylenol are working great. I haven't the slightest clue why they weren't working last time. I kind of knew this was coming - about two weeks ago we got a note from the school telling us about a virus that is going around and decimating various classrooms. They said the symptoms were just normal flu like symptoms but they were experiencing an outbreak of it. So I kind of knew it was going to happen. Now it is going to make the rounds of this family too. I need to call my in-laws and wrn them so that Aunt L who is not feeling so well lately can start taking extra vitamin c because youngest was probably incubating while they were here.

In other news, our power was out tonight after three straight days of rain and all the kids freaked thinking it was another one of those hurricanes. Nope, just your normal run of the mill Florida Power and Light power outage. it's been so dry lately and the power has been so reliable that I think my kids forgot about this weekly occurance.

I'm starting to get real fed up with DH. I still can't hear out of my right ear (going on 5 months, and it's just liquid, cause I can hear just fine if I hang my head upside down) and he's taken to mumbling which is annoying in the first place but lately our conversations go something like this:

DH: Do you.... kids..... or chinese..... cat?
ME: Do the kids want a chinese cat??? What?
DH: Hahaha, no, Do you want the kids....... breeze pete.... or what?
ME: I still didn't understand
DH: Do you want the kids to put cheese on their pizza or will you do that?
ME: I will do it for them
DH: Okay, I was....sking.... fatter
ME: What?
DH: I was just asking because you ....want to bladder
ME: I want to bladder????
ME: Oh
DH: .... ear.... sing? Anjou... fart.... show.
ME: OK, sure. {why bother, if it's important he will speak up}

Now I know how my dad felt when mom and us kids would tease him by moving our lips like we were talking and dad would keep saying "What? what?" Okay, maybe it was just me that did that and he only fell for it the one time but it was still really funny. Anyway - DH has taken to being a smartalec where I can't quite make out his words. He will say something under his breath at me and then laugh. I will either not hear anythign but the laugh, or I will see the lips move and then hear the laugh but for the life of me I can't quite figure out his comments. I know it's all good natured ribbing, but it would be nice if I could hear it and laugh too. :)


Blogger Cate said...

I'm curious, how did you find out you could hear what people were saying if you hang your head down?
My dad's ear is doing the same thing which is really bad for him because he couldn't hear well anyhow. The doctor looked at it and said it was clear, but would probably take awhile for the fluid to clear up. Mine did that for about three months this past fall. But finally cleared up, so there is hope. Hope youngest feels better soon. Cate P.S. I like the jewelry. Crafters Across America on HGTV has been showcasing people who make jewelry in their homes quite a bit. You might be interested (if you have cable). It's inspiring to see how others do things sometimes.

2/28/2005 11:01:00 AM  
Blogger Karry said...

I was doing the dishes. Well, loading the dishwasher, really. I'm 6 foot tall so it's a long way down and when I bent over to put the silverware in, I noticed taht all of a sudden I could hear thigns out of my right ear again.

Too bad I can't walk around that way. LOL

2/28/2005 11:30:00 PM  

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