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Thursday, February 03, 2005

These 12 hour days are going to kill me

I am SO tired.

Got back tot he hotel room at 11pm tonight. I hae the TV on - there's no chance that I will get to see the episode of the apprentie where soeone actually quits - they arent going to rerun it this soon after airing. Stephen King's "The Shining" is on SciFi so I'm watching that. I just love a scary movie and if it's King based that's even better. It's the new one though and not the original with Jack Nicholson in it so of course it's not as good. I saw the original when I was - oh - I think 7 or 8. I was spending the night at a friends house and I had dreams all night long of the elevators of blood. I was so tired the next day. Mom had no idea I was going to watch that - she was not too happy when she got me the next day. I think I can honestly say that was the start of my love of Stephen King's writings. What sealed it was when mom bought a copy of his book "Pet Sematary" and read through some of it and then chucked hte book unfinished. I read that same story in high school and I couldn't figure out why she thought it was such a bad story - then I had kids and I tried to re-read the story. I couldn't make it past the return of the cat - let alone the return of the son. I put it back on mjy shelf. Now I know why mom couldn't read it. I can't read it anymore either.

But that doesn't stop me from loving his writing. Some of it is so-so, and the rest of it is excellent. I find the stories particularly good when he tries to publish them without putting his name on it. Someday I would like to meet him and ask him how he does his writing. He once said somewhere in the preface of a book some time that the stories aren't written by him - they write themselves. I found that to be so true. (none of my owrk is published however, never bothered, I know it's not good enough yet)

Look at me - I found a tangent and ran with it. I'm so sorry. I was going to tell you all about my boring day at work where I never really stopped working ALL DAY LONG and OY the breakfast they serve at this hotel is so - Oh I could live here forever if they promised to serve those bagels every day. Those weren't bagels - they were BAGEL SHAPED LOAVES OF BREAD. I had a sesame seed one and that was all I could eat for breakfast - that should tell you something too, I'm a muncher and after that ONE bagel I was full until lunch at 1:30pm. Oh, and what's with my thirst lately? I have been sucking down tea and water like there is no tomorrow. SO DARN THIRSTY. And remember my shoulder that I injured? It's really hurting badly again. I have no idea why. It hurts every time I travel. I thought it was because I tend to pull on the steering wheel when I drive in a strange car cause I'm nervous while driving it but this trip I'm not driving at all and it HURTS. 2 extra strength tylenol's worth of pain. I can't wait till I get home and see if this pain goes away. I've got to figure out what I'm doing to it to make it hurt every time I travel.

DH is home really sick - I told him that if he can't pick me up at the airport I would call some of my other pals to see if they could do it. If not I would just rent a car one way to get home myself. Secretly though I am hoping that DH feels well enough to come pick me up and also that the kids have found a place to spend the night so I won't have to hear them whine for the whole trip back from the airport "I'm Tye-erd! He's squoooshing me! She's looking at me! The toes of her shoes were 3 millimeters on my side of the car so I punched her in the eye!" I'm kidding about the eye part - kind of. If you knew my kids You'd know that is a VERY plausible event and may actually take place within any given 6 months time.

Yeah - I've done it again - another tangent. I really am tired. I'm going to bed. g'nite!


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