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Saturday, February 26, 2005

This is part of what I spent my afternoon working on. As usual, I ran out of silver chains. LOL. This is Sterling silver, 18 in chain, Cherry Quartz nugget and freshwater pearl. I'm going to put this up on my website to sell. I'm thinking $8 plus shipping but I haven't worked out the price entirely in my head yet.

Here's another one - again 18 inch chain, this time it's two sterling mirror beads (look like teensy disco balls) and a teardrop pointy thing out of green adventurine.

This one is a hand wrapped turquoise nugget with sterling silver wire. Again, 18 inch chain. I think I already have a buyer for this one, but I made about 5 of these pendants so I've got more. I'll put them all on my site probably tomorrow.

Earrings to match the turquoise nugget pendant. Again, all sterling and hand wrapped. I'm getting much better at wrapping hooks and things. I have more pairs, including one I fell in love with and will be keeping. (I love making my own jewelry). I'll post again when I have all this stuff on my site.


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