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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Updates and Firstborn's Saga

Youngest's ears looked SO much better this morning. I will remove the earring again tonight to see if it needs draining again but I think she will recover from this just fine.

Our car - Mr. Bibbly-beebly - is hosed. The timing belt snapped and the mechanic says he can replace it but usually when the timing goes on this engine, it blows a valve and he's never seen this particular type of engine lose the belt and NOT have the valve blow. The pricetag? $1500. The car isn't worth it.

Firstborn Frustrations:

Let me begin. He borrowed Friend1's Game Boy Advance. No problem, he played with it for a while and then he didn't have it any more. I figured he gave it back to Friend1. A week or so later, Friend1 stops by the house and asked for the Game Boy. Hmmm, musta just kept it in his room. I told Firstborn to go get it. Firstborn didn't have it. He had loaned SOMEONE ELSE'S game boy to Friend2. Friend1 had asked him specifically NOT to do that. So, Friend2 doesn't live too far away. I tell Firstborn to get on his bike and go get the gameboy. I gave him 20 minutes to do it. (If I don't give him a time limit, he will dawdle and it will take 3 hours to do)

So, gameboy secured he returned it to the rightful owner and as punishment I confiscated his own game boy (if he can't care for other's property - he definitely can't care for his own). We also pulled Playstation priveliges and grounded him for 24 hours.

We found out that he couldn't abide by the grounding when he snuck out really early in the AM and played his online ROSE account. He did this stealthily by getting up at 4am and setting hte computer to mute so the sounds couldn't be heard. Now the dogs have a reflex to him in the morning - he gets up, they go out and pee. Well, he's been getting up, but they haven't been going out. He would be surprised when he found the carpet in his room was wet. Hey, sherlock - dogs pee too!

We asked him about the sneaking of computer time and he denied everything. So - we confiscated his ROSE account and he's banned from the computer. THEN the next morning - he does the same thing - sneaks out, but plays with DH's online account instead and ALSO lost some in-game hard-to-get experience (he got killed). Again when confronted, he denies all. We grounded him for two weeks.

THEN - we got a phone call from the school telling us that he was suspended from the bus till tuesday because Firstborn and BusFriend1 were hitting BusFriend2 in the face. Firstborn says they were kidding but it doesn't sound like kidding to me. Not if the school is getting involved. SO, we assigned him a bunch of extra chores and he has to walk to school in the morning. No bus = walk. This is a child that doesn't like walking TO THE BUS STOP even, so I figured that would be good enough.

The next morning, we notice that one of the leftover hamburgers in the fridge has mysteriously disappeared. Dh didn't eat it, I didn't eat it, the girls were asleep. We asked him if he ate it. He denied it all. After much arguing and counting - he admits to eating the burger. Which in itself is NOT a big deal, however the LYING is. I'm out of ideas for punishment - lengthen the grounding and it won't have any meaning, there are no more privelidges to take away that he would actually miss, I can't assign him any more chores. So - I made a dunce-cap that says "I'm a liar" and told him he had to wear it every time he wanted to come out of his room. He was stunned that I would do that and told me I wouldn't see him until the grounding was over. The cap is paper - but it's worked well so far. I think I will need to make a t-shirt that he will have to wear that says:

I'm A
_ Liar
_ Theif
_ Bully

And buy a pin to go in the appropriate spot depending on the offense. FINALLY - something is sinking in and making a difference to him. I hope this is a good enough deterrent - he sure looks silly with the cone on his head....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your oldest sounds so much like my oldest. I think I might give that cap thing a try. Let me know if it really works!

2/10/2005 03:13:00 PM  

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