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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Cache in Trash out

April 16 is Cache in Trash out day. Grab your trusty GPS and a garbage bag and go clean up one of your local parks! Links to more information are here and here.

Oh, and Geocaching has a new mascot - it's a cool looking frog called Signal. I am a sucker for frogs so this mascot is super! (Juth THOH thooper!) You can peep him on the Cache in Trash out page in the lower right corner. Cute huh?

I've got the camping/nature freak bug again. Can you tell? it must be just me gettign ready to climb out of my skin from being cooped up inside (This is Florida, man! I'm supposed to be outside!) I've purchased a HUGE cast iron fry pan to take camping with us (YES - it was on sale - do you think I'm nuts?) and every time I walk by the shelf in the garage with the gear I look longingly at it. I need to make reservations at the campground soon. By the way - there is a limit to how much seasoning you should do to a brand new cast iron pan, because it will peel off if there's too many layers. Just thought you should know, cause, well, some day there will be a time that if you didn't know that, you will find yourself with golden brown seasoning peeling off the pan cause it's gooped onto your oven mits because you thought more was better. Well more isn't better, it's just, well, MORE. Not that I know any of this for a fact or anything. Right. Well. Moving right along!

I have an airfreshener for my new-to-me MERCEDES (le sigh) and now I finally feel like the car is mine. Weird that the car didn't feel like it was mine until I attached a scented plastic cherry to it's rear view mirror. I've also put in a St. Christopher medal - more for superstition than anything. I've always had one in the car I drove because DH insisted on it being there. This time I put it there because - well - it's always been there. Drive around not killing anyone and not dying for 11 years (Hard to believe isn't it mom?) with the same something in your car and you will become superstitious about it too. Athletes have their game day socks, I have my medal. You can quit smirking and pointing now.

We are under a tornado watch right now and it's storming pretty badly so I suppose that I should wrap things up. If I die, you will know it because there won't be a post tomorrow, ,or the next day, or the day after that..... but then I will come back from the dead to post again and haunt you! Brahahahaha. Okay nevermind. I'm weird, it's getting late, and when I'm tired the weirdness creeps forward like Gollum "Oh yes we are weirder than the hobbitses, my preshus, yes we are!"

Agh - That was terrible. I'm calling it a night...


Blogger Jen said...

Thanks for the cast-iron heads-up. There's a sweet perch-shaped cornbread pan I got my eye on, and my natural instict would be to season the heck out of it. I've been looking up "cast-iron care" for a long time now.

3/25/2005 11:28:00 AM  

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