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Friday, March 25, 2005

Friday just blew wide open for me

Got to work - attended the morning meeting, and guided a few wayward clients to the training room. Got my hot morning cuppa (Tea! Tea! I drink tea! Coffee is NASTY and it burns my stomach) and settled into my desk to await the first call of the day. I knew it would be a while - the way things were going at work, there just isn't anything to do. I figured I would spend my afternoon deep in the bowels of some technical document or other because the calls just weren't going to be there.

So - I checked my e-mail and there was an e-mail to the department asking for volunteers to go home today, and come to work the saturday shift tomorrow because someone called in sick. Working the saturday shift almost guarantees a good score because you spend a lot of it doing software regression testing and documentation, while manning the phones. (Not a lot of calls on Saturday). I need that score.

Let me see now, I can volunteer for this (brownie points!) and go home today, spend an afternoon with DH and NO KIDS, so I can go to work tomorrow (I can bring a child or two with me on the weekend if they want to come) and rack up the score because I spend all day testing the software? Hmmmmm

Alternative: Stay at work, don't get brownie points for "volunteering" in a time of need, be bored all day, not get a good score cause there is nothing much to do and have a weekend at home with two consecutive days off. On the other hand it IS easy money. Hmmmmm

So, boredom and easy money vs. job security and a day off with no kids...

It wasn't a hard decision.


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