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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Murphy's law

It's been pretty slow here at work lately - just not a whole heck of a lot of things to keep us all busy. I have finally figured out why. It's because I'm punched in. When I punch out for lunch, all of a sudden there is a million things to do, tons of calls to answer, and I don't get to do any of them, because I am at lunch.

Yes - I said "get to do". You see, he-who-offers-a-paycheck has a scoring system in place to determine how well we are working. This score is called a production score. It involves some pretty convoluted math, but it's pretty accurate gauge of how well we have been using our time. Well, when there is nothing to do, scores drop - BIG TIME. If we score too lowly too many times in a row, our jobs hang on the line. That means I could be canned if I can't keep my score high enough. So - I do things that give me points and the points then go through the convoluted math and comes out with a score. I need those points, because I need that score. It appears that I can only get those points when I am punched out because that's the only time there is anything to do around here.

Either that, or I'm so good that when I leave, we suddenly get busy cause I'm not working. Nah... That's doubtful. Murphy just hates me.


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