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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

No, you aren't crazy, but I might be headed there...

I'm pre-dating this blog post because yesterday is when it really happened.

DH and I have a cordless phone with answering machine that has been on the blink for a long time. It has been hurled across the room countless times by the children - the LCD no longer works, (caller ID? what caller ID? I only pay $3 extra for the service every month and we can't use it) the antenna is missing, it cuts out randomly during your conversation and the answering machine? well, that works but no-one can read the buttons because middlechild poured nailpolish all over it once and well, nailpolish remover? strips the paint off the buttons much easier than it strips the nailpolish off. Because I can't read the buttons anymore I don't have an outbound message on the machine and rarely retrieve messages from it. The only other phone in the house has a cord, which we found out was great in the hurricanes because cordless phones won't work if there's no power, but it will not make outbound calls. The buttons no longer work. Nice emergency phone huh?

So, it goes without saying that we needed new phones. Badly.

Last night we went to the store and picked out some new phones. I was all - ok that one looks nice, let's go. DH, on the other hand was all "but this one is expandable, oh, and this one hangs on the wall much flatter, and oh, this other one has an answering machien on it, oh wait, this one has 2.4 gigahertz..." after about 10 minutes of this it all translated to the Charlie Brown teacher of "mwomp mwomp mwom" noise and I was all - you like this one? good, let's go. No, you like that other one better? OK, let's go. DH, on the other hand kept reviewing and searching through the phones that I finally grabbed the box, two corded phones and we hustled over to the craft section where I commenced irritating him while I perused different BEADS. Oh beads! I could just wallow in that department. Serves him right I say.

So - it's getting late, I give in to his nagging that we only popped in there to look at a phone and grab dinner. We grab dinner and head home. It's 8pm, the kids are starved and what's the first thing he does? Even before we unpack the groceries, before we feed the kids, before anything. He puts together the phones and starts them charging so he can play with them later.

Oh! And back to the reason I'm pre-dating this post - in order to charge the phones, he had to unplug something. He unplugged the cable modem. I couldn't post this last night if I had even wanted to.

Men... sheesh....


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