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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Poor Middle Child

Today, I was in the middle of sorting the photos and organizing pages and inserting them all into protective plastic sleeves (note to self, need more protective plastic sleeves - I just blew through a ream) when middlechild comes up to me and says "Mom, I'm all itchy, can you check my hair again" and that usually means we have been gifted with critters again. She was in the middle of her chores though and I thought to myself that "critters can wait 15 minutes till she finishes and I am not buried in papers" so I shooed her off to finish her chores. A few minutes later she was back at my side whining "Moooo-om, I'm REALLY itchy! Can you check me now?" I mentally groaned inside. This kind of itchiness usually meant she was INFESTED again. I shooed her back to quick finish the one thing she was in the middle of doing while I extricated myself - she could do the rest of her chores later. DH came into the room and like a moth to a flame Middlechild says to him "DAAAAAA-AD, I'm ITCHIE all over!" DH asked her where she itched and she showed him by lifting off her top. Now, Middlechild is startign to become a private person so this unusual behavior really got my attention. The poor girl was COVERED in what looked like one giant hive. As I looked at her I saw more of them appear on her skin. No kidding about the itching, ,that's for sure. We stripped her of her shirt (seems that her shirt was causing the itching because she only hived where the shirt touched her) and fed her benadryl. She's slowly losing the hives now, but it was amazing that something could come on so suddenly (she wore the shirt all day long with no ill effects) and then refuse to leave as fast as it came.

I feel bad for the poor girl - I get hives now and then (You should see me when my lips swell up with them. I could do a good impression of Bill Cosby's dentist/novocaine joke) and it's awful, but it's never as bad as what she had. OUCH


Blogger Jen said...

Any chance you wash your clothes with Tide? It's had that effect on me, and Sherry too!

3/21/2005 08:47:00 AM  
Blogger Karry said...

I don't use Tide, ,but I seem to remember that my mom told me she did the same thing with any powder detergent. She had to use liquid.

After seeing the hive pattern - it was only on her back where her shirt touched her skin and the carpet - I am thinking that there may have been some sort of reaction between residues in her shirt and leftover carpet shampoo residues. She's not broken out again and she practically lives on the floor. :)

Then again, it may have been something she ate or some sort of pollen or something, who knows. I'm stocking up on Benadryl that won't expire anytime soon and watching her closely.

3/22/2005 10:48:00 PM  

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