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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Random things

1 - Hey, I lived through 4 hurricanes last year - I've EARNED my early spring - so NYAH! Come summer when I am SWELTERING in my MERCEDES - le sigh - with windows that do not roll down in Florida's 100 degree weather, you may laugh at me. But not before, dang it!

2 - Scrapbook software SO beats out all other ways of scrapping. Hands down. Even if it's incredibly irritating to use.

3 - If you are clicking on my ads, I thank you because I do earn a few pennies each time a click is made. I like pennies. I also like to see what ads show up there and how they relate to my topic of the day. That's the main reason I have the ads up. Although - I did find a glorious new bead place through it and will someday place an order there once I can justify the huge amount of money I want to spend. LOL

4 - Was toying with the idea of season passes to sea world for this year - they have a monthly payment plan for those which makes it affordable for people like me. I read the blurb about free unlimited admission, ,I read the blurb about free parking, I read the blurb about restaraunt discounts and I stopped there. Restaurants? At sea world? What do they serve there? Fish???

5 - DH and I decided not to grill outside for our dinner last night and instead used a frying pan. OMG it was just so greasy! So I briefly mentioned that we should get a George Foreman Grill. This morning I checked to see if they made one big enough for us and they do but it wasn't cheap. Today DH located one at WalMart. We bought it. Cooked on it tonight. We both agreed it's our new favorite kitchen appliance. If you don't have one - GO GET ONE. It cooked 5 chicken breasts in less than 10 minutes, drained the grease and it was great! Awful to think about how much fat we ate last night - bleah.....

6 - On the agenda for Florida - TOILET PAPER TAX. Yes. Can you imagine? Oh - and the governor - he's worried that people will use LESS of the stuff if there's a tax on it. He's wrong - There will just be giant rings for smuggling the stuff from Georgia and Louisiana. (Aww Billy-Dean! You done went an got Georgia papah! Ya'll know it's not nar as soft as that nice quilty style lusianny papah! Georgia papah just chaps ma arse!) Pretty soon I will see guys in bulky trench-coats wandering the main drag in town and flashing their stash of TP "you needa wipe? I got your wipe right heeyah. I got quiltedTRIPLE-PLY man! Nobody di'int peel back no layers either - dis is da REAL triple-ply, man! Dis is CHARMIN!"

7 - Why is everyone talking about nostril horns? I can't imagine how that would work - being sick, laying there with a runny nose and two wads of tissue stuck up the nostrils with handles sticking out like horns for removal of said goopy tissues. I think my nose would just run the things out by itself like a paper boat on a river. Assuming it doesn't run out like that - what happens if they DRY in there? That must be like cement once dried - but UP YOUR NOSE. I don't really want to explain that to a doctor. "Uh, you see? well I read some weblogs and several of them mentioned uh nostril horns? and so I decided to try it? and, well, you see - I left it up there and it DRIED? Now I can't get it out? because - it's like well, RIPPING OUT my nose hair?" [shudder] OMG I just don't think I could bring myself to do it.

8 - DH is a sweetie who worked on my new-to-me MERCEDES - le sigh - all afternoon and the car looks great. THANK YOU DH!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am cracking up! Nostril horns are the best! I personally only use them when the flow is continuous (not to gross anyone out). When it starts to dry up then I stop so no ripping problems- as of yet. Try it! Peer pressure, peer pressure! haha


3/16/2005 05:26:00 PM  

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