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Friday, March 04, 2005

scrap books

Today I got the urge to revisit the scrapbooks that I started for the kids 5 years ago and kept up for about two years. I never really gave up on them, life just got in the way. I pulled out the huge stack of things I have been saving for the scrapbooks and went through about 20 pounds of school papers.

Before I even got to all that, ,I stopped by staples on the way home from work and got three new binders, some more page protectors, glue sticks, and a TON of ink for the printer. I have three years worth of photos to print off after all.... :) I think by the time I get done, the new binder will be halfway full already. it wouldn't be too bad, actually, but I need to do three of them.

Also, this weekend, I am going to look at two antique dressers that need refinishing or so I am told. They are offering them for $25 and if they are halfway nice, I will have a new project to refinish. I love refinishing furniture. These dressers are supposed to have an oil painting done on them. If it's nice, ,I will clean it up, if not, I will strip it off. The dressers date from the 1900-1920s. They are either really beat up or they are really good deals. If they are really bad, I'm not going to get them at all. If they are okay, but aren't good enough to put in the bedroom, I will use them for my supplies in the garage. I really need storage for my craft supplies. I've got too much for this nice desk of mine. It's drowning in supplies. LOL

well, sorry about not having anythign funny to write aobut today. I just sorted and arranged in sequential order about 3 inches of paper per kid and thinned out about 6 inches of paper to chuck. I'm a bit tired. :)

Oh - and for the record - my bosses ROCK! There is this yahoo group that was formed for the discussion of our software and one member has been really ripping on our company seriously badly for the past couple of months and they finally had the last straw. They generally never post to that group because it's a software users group, not a q/a with the company itself. Well this time, they posted, and BOY was the post ever so politely scathing to the one person who has been causing all the problems lately. Personally this person's accusations have been so bad that I think my company could sue him for libel. I'm no lawyer though. Anywho - I just gloried in that post because I've really wanted to take this person's messages and cram it you know where because his claims were unfounded and almost always incorrect. he thought we were out of Pittsburgh, for instance - uh, not even close, fella. I most especially like how they phrased some of the things - it was so polite and formal and correct, yet it FIRMLY put him in his place. That was SO awesome.

Okay - well that was a weird paragraph - sorry bout the vagueness of it all, I'm not wanting to get dooced from my job for talking about it so it's kind of vague by design.

I'm beat. Later....


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