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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The scrapbook will be the death of me

I'm nowhere close to finishing 2002 and already I'm sick of it. I still have 2003, ,2004 and the first three months of 2005 to chronicle! If anyone suggests that I do any more "journaling" or "die cutting" I am going to just scream. I will, however, get those dern scrapbooks caught up.

So - I've gotten the hard drive problem out of the way thanks to Dh who got me a new one - which is over twice the size of the one I lost. I won't be running out of room any more! Hooray for me! I can actually pull all 5 years worth of digital photos off their cd's and use them! Be prepared to see some really old photos soon. I've got some goooooood ones in mind, oh yes, we do have some good ones in mind, don't we my preshus? Yesssss, yes we doooooooo.

AHEM - where was I?

Oh yes - lots of free space. That means I can do some scrapbook pages ON MY COMPUTER with the really neat scrapbooking software I bought two years ago and never installed cause it TOOK UP TOO MUCH ROOM. Well, that's not true - I installed it - squeezed out three pages, decided it was too hard and removed it cause I needed the space. It was really annoying because the manual said something like "place digital photo on the page". Check. Easy peasy. "Select frame" Ohhhhh lookie all the purty frames! I like THIS one. "Place frame over digital image" Okay. Hey - what's that white square covering up the photo? (turned out that there were about 500 frames to print out white squares for gluing real photos onto, but only about 5 frames for digital photos. AGONY!) SO it was a problem with cropping and rotating and resizing so the digital image looked like it was BEHIND the frame when really it was ON TOP and you couldn't resize too much cause then the person in the picture will look a bit like mr. potato head and we all know that's just WRONG. It was too much trouble at the time. Now, however, ,I'm looking forward to using it because it will be better than more gosh darned actual real scrapbooking. JOURNALING and PUNCHING and DIE CUTTING, Oh my!

I never did talk about that antique dresser I picked up. I LOVE IT. It's going to be a BEAR to refinish though cause it's got all these little carvings all over it and scrolled legs (not your notmal ones either - these are DETAILED). There was a set of two, I wanted both but not badly enough to drive an hour home to drop off the first and an hour back to get the second one. I took the high-boy and also the mirror from the other one (low boy???). I'm going to put the mirror on the highboy. It will look a little odd I suppose, but you should see this mirror - it's a fabulous art deco/art nouveau (however that is spelled) style with three arches like what you would see on a juke box, and little scroll work details all over it. GORGEOUS! And - NO I didn't get it for the value of the antique cause it's a little (okay a lot) beat up to be valuable as-is. It needs re-finishing and that's what I am going to do. Woooo go me! Another project to add to the 50 thousand I already have going on around here.

I fixed the chore grumblies by rotating the chores among the kids. To keep it fair, they all drew chores from a box. Then they could trade. Some chores I overrode them on - I mean c'mon, my 6 year old just can't fold laundry reliably. I'd rather not go to work wearing wadded up clothing. (what am I saying? Firstborn - whose chore it was until we swapped - always wadded my clothes up. If he got mad at me, he'd give my clothes to the girls as nightgowns or throw them away! Let's hope he doesn't give middlechild any ideas. It's her chore this month.)

One more random thought - someone told me to let them know if the dunce cap idea I wrote about a while back worked. the answer? YES! I found the magic punishment button! Hooray!

ok I lied - one more random grin:
Farfegnugen! Sounds like Fartin noggin doesn't it? I love that word. farfegnugen!


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