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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Today's adventures

I finished off the ink I bought for the computer. I'm not even done with 2004 yet. I still have to do 2003's images...... I've also had to buy another ream of white card stock. So... when I couldn't design and print off ony more scrapbook pages, I talked DH into a mini adventure. We needed to go get printer ink and I wanted to check out the bead store that I knew about yet have never been to. Oh such beading wonders! Such fabulousness! Some of the beads were outrageously priced, and of course I didn't buy them cause I have bead catalogs where I can get them cheaper, but I did buy some beads. Not nearly all the beads I wanted though. I've come across a good idea for next year's christmas jewelry design and it's not going to break the bank if I start now so I am going to go back to the bead store when I have more money. Oh and my progeny, my glorious progeny knew JUST how to sucker me into spending money on them. "Mom, I want to make a necklace with YOU" So of course more beads had to be bought, and if we are making necklaces, then we need clasps, and ooooo look at those pretty charms!

So, fortune in hand, DH and I left the store after spending more money than intended. I later found out why DH was so agreeable to this and not making a fuss. "So, sweetie, you got a bunch of beads, can I buy a joystick for my computer?"

Ahhh blessed manipulation and bargaining. Every marriage should be built on this. What could I do? I was caught, and if I intended to use this tactic myself in the future (and, oh - I do - yes, I certainly do) I would have to agree. Thus began the ink cartridge and joystick hunt of the evening. "Uh, OK DH, ,did you want to go to Best Buy or something?"

"No, Walmart has the one I want, and well, would you look at that - there's a WalMart right here..." (Yes, he really said that - can you say HAM?)

So we proceeded to go to a strange WalMart and immediately swore we would never do that again. This WalMart was filthy, had empty shelves and smelled. I think we were in there about 10 minutes. Just long enough to scope out the ink cartridges and computer peripherals section and then leave empty handed and grossed out. Oh, and the people there talked funny too. The greeter didn't say "Welcome to WalMart", they said "welcome to wool-mort". I had read about that pronunciation of the store's name but had never heard it out loud and I swear to you I didn't know they were saying Wool-Mort at first, I thought she was saying her name or something, like "Hi I'm Wilma". (Remember I still can't hear well)

So, we left WalMart, and went to Sams club, ,because? Well because we wanted to see if they sold joysticks nd also we remembered that they sold printer ink. No joystick, and I wasn't going to spend $100 on printer ink (even if the per-unit price was just SO MUCH CHEAPER) so we left. Instead we came back to town and went to our own trusty - familiar - CLEAN WalMart. I bought more beads (OH the fun that awaits me tomorrow) and rummaged through clearance and got some gread deals. DH got his joystick, but I STILL didn't have any printer ink. (out of stock)

So we left and went to Staples where we know they carry the ink and we should have just gone to the first time and got just the two things we needed instead of spending a bunch of money we didn't need to spend. Guess what? We got there 5 minutes after they closed.

So, no printer ink for me, just a lot of beads I didn't really need. What EVER will I do tomorrow?


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