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Thursday, March 17, 2005

You know you are in the deep south when....

....you drive to work and in front of you you notice that the limo in front of you HAS BUMPER STICKERS.

I am SO in the deep south. Not that I am against POW/MIA or the PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN and [MY BANK] LOVES ME stickers or anything, but, uh, well, it's a LIMO for crying out loud! If it's your personal limo, no complaints. But this limo had a sign on it advertising the company that rents them. Uh, yeah. If I fork out enough money to RENT A LIMO, it's not going to be one with BUMPER STICKERS. A limo says class, bumper stickers on something so classy say TRASH. Not just trash, but fresh from the hills trash. That's like wearing your new diamond necklace with a tube top and stiletto heels. (Cletus, Ah rented tha limo you wanted fer are weddin. I got the one that said "honk if you love us" cuz it wuz jest too romancy to fergit! If'n you don like that one, they's other one has a Junior sticker on it...) I especially loved the finishing touch the one sticker about the bank had. I'll just bet the bank luuuuuvs this company!

Other oddities noticed: I just came from a website where the banner ad was for faster dial up connections. They advertised that it was almost as fast as DSL. The graphic? A pixellated tiger running. Not a bad idea, if you get over the fact the tiger was not only really pixellated but UPSIDE DOWN and running - it looked like it was having seizures. Nice ad, huh? I really need to try THAT service - it looks like it's not going to cause me any problems AT ALL.

Sorry for the dripping sarcasm here folks - I'll pass out towels after the show.


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