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Friday, March 11, 2005

You'll never guess!

Remember how my car died? And I needed a new car? And how I had virtually no money to get one? And how DH had to drive me to work every day in the suv (I luhv my suhv)?

GUESS WHAT? I have a new-to-me car. Not only is it a new-to-me car, but it's a MERCEDES BENZ!

I remember playing a game back in school called House, mansion, shack. If you've ever played it you know what I am talking about. [If you haven't, let me tell you a little bit about it: You would need a sheet of paper and a pencil, then write down three places to live, ,three kinds of cars, three types of pets, three types of just about everything - and one of the three must be EXCELLENT and one of the three must be mediocre, and one must be terrible. Now, have someone draw a spiral in the corner of the paper and you close your eyes and tell them when to stop. Once stopped, count how many "layers" of spiral there is and use that number to count off objects until two of every item is crossed off. The remaining item is what you would have when you are all grown up. it was always cool to get the excellent choice and really bad to get the awful choicec and you would be ridiculed if you got an excessive amount of bad choices.] Remember that game? I feel like I just landed on the excellent choice for car (I without a doubt always put a mercedes there - EVERY TIME)

Can I just say it again? MER-freakin-CEDES!................ BENZ!...... Mine!

[breathe Karry, breathe!] Okay - so it's a Mercedes. It's a diesel (never owned one before), it's a 1983 (I was approximately 9 years old when this car was made! Keith - THIS CAR IS THE SAME AGE AS YOU!) it has over 300000 miles on it (that's THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND for the non-numerically inclined among us) It needs a paint job rather badly, it's got no airconditioning (yikes!), ,None of the windows work (DOUBLE yikes!) but it's a Mercedes! It's a rich person's car! I'm not rich by a LONG shot, but now I feel rich - I own a Mercedes!

Let me tell you how I got the car. I went to work today not expecting to buy a car, but one of my co-workers (hereinafter referred to as FF - Fabulous Friend) approached me and said he had heard my story of car-crap. He had noticed I still didn't have a replacement and wondered if I would be interested in his old mercedes. FF had to do somethign with it today because the temporary tags on it would expire tomorrow, he was not wanting to work on it anymore and didn't really want to see the car taken to a junker.

I pretty much listened to all this with jaw agape. (OK - not literally, but my mental jaw was just a flappin in the breeze) I asked him if it ran. FF said yes, and I asked how much? and thence the deal was born. Lots of problems with the car, ,but nothing I'm too worried about. As long as it has 4 wheels, a running engine and a placee for me to sit, I'm not too picky. Mercedes is just the icing on the cake. Thank goodness I'm not on a diet, ,huh?


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