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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bits 'n bobs

1 - Youngest has been feeling kind of down lately, I am not sure if she's just tired or sad. I ask her if she's sad and she says no. I ask her if she's feeling well, she says yes. So I'm thinking tired... We did just get done with spring break (with extended bedtimes) and a time change... so I'm fairly certain that is the reason, but if she doesn't perk up soon I will have to do some more digging.

2 - I picked through some nuts and found some with critters, which I saved this time. If I can get a good shot of them, I'll post a link to the image (I won't gross anyone out unless they want to be). I'm thinking my scanner would be the best for this because I still haven't quite mastered the macro setting on my camera and heck, my scanner will scan things in such detail that you can see the HAIRS in the PAPER.

3 - There was a pretty scary rumor at work that we would be re-locating again. I heard it from so many people that it started to worry me. Finally I went to the person in charge of things like that and asked her about it. Short of laughing at the rumor, she assured me it was completely false. Now I'm getting congratulated by co-workers for having the "balls to ask about it". Balls nothing, I just got tired of worrying and didn't think she could do anything worse to me than confirm the rumor. Although - I will admit, this person is VERY intimidating in a business aspect, but she's human too and has proven to be not unsympathetic to problems. I wonder why my co-workers don't know that?

4 - My sim got married, has three kids, and they all look like her! Yay! Sims 2 is so addicting. They even make the "mother to be" get morning sickness, swell up and waddle. It's SO CUTE! Go get this game!

5 - My son is now only 6 or so inches shorter than I am. He's going to be tall - that's for sure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I notice you have an ad for pistachios showing up now. That's really funny considering your blog before last probably sent the stock in pistachios crashing to the ground!

Of all the blogs I visit, yours is my favorite because:
1)it's so REAL
2)it's so funny
3)you keep posting no matter what you are going through

Happy Spring! Cate

4/08/2005 01:01:00 PM  
Blogger Karry said...

Thank you Cate! I'm glad oyu enjoy reading my ramblings. This is what it's like inside my HEAD every day - can you imagine? Amazing I'm still sane.

I saw the pistachio ad too - funny! I love see what ads go up there - theres an irony to some o fthem that is unmistakeable.


4/08/2005 09:14:00 PM  

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