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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Coupla funny things

1 - Firstborn made the cookies well, and baked them well, but as I predicted, the baking soda got mixed up with the baking powder and the cookies have an odd aftertaste. They are still good, once you get by the weird taste. :) Very cute, cause I remember doing the exact same thing once. (okay okay, SEVERAL times - shut UP)

2 - Middlechild has a swim mask that has no strap. She has discovered that by sucking in through her nose she can suction it to her face - strap or not. So - last night she's watching TV and doing this. We called her in to eat dinner and noticed that her eyebrows were swollen and her face is really red. She looked really odd. I want to say like a neanderthal - but it wasn't really that bad - but imagine her pretty face with swollen eyebrows (She REFUSED to let me take a picture, she was worried I'd post it here. Who, ME? Put embarassing photos online? Never) It was quite a sight. A little while later the eyebrows were back to normal but her face was still bright red. Upon closer inspection, DH and I agreed that she had given herself a full facial hickie. It's rectangular like the swim mask - and BOY is she embarassed about that. She did tell me I could write about this, I just couldn't have any pictures of it. As I was chuckling to myself DH reminded me of the time I took the Mr. Potato Head hat and suction that to my mouth. Oh yeah - that's right, I'm not innocent of this. In my own defense, however, I only did it because firstborn liked the *pop* sound it made when he pried it off my face. So for the sake of giggles I gave myself a REALLY SUPER DARK facial hickie. I didn't leave the house for two weeks. Like mother like daughter I guess.


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