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Monday, April 25, 2005

Excuses, excuses

Dear blog,
Please excuse Karry from posting the past couple days. She has been unseasonably exhausted and needed a mini-vacation from ordinary stuff like LACK OF SLEEP, LACK OF FUN, and LACK OF READING TIME. Don't listen to anything that DH says, she has repented of her evil ways and she swore that the next batch of gooey chocolate chip cookies she bakes would be shared among all members of the family equally instead of 25%/75% like the last one. She promises that she will not hide in the bathroom to read again, making the kids worry, and that the overall crabbiness and screechiness of her voice will be decreased substantially, provided that Firstborn doesn't let the dogs run away 5 times a day like they did this weekend. She also promises the following:
The murals in youngest's room will get painted, and tears will not be shed.
The gardens will be weeded
The scrapbooks will be finished
The game formerly known as Sims2 but forever dubbed in the smith household as Sim-Crack will not be played until the aforementioned items are completed.

Karry's sanity


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