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Sunday, April 10, 2005


Now, don't everybody speak up at once. Really... I'm feeling the love over here. :)

Cate, you win because you were NOT ONLY the only guesser (and I left it for an extra day!) but you were right! For those of you that didn't find it (I know some of you didn't) the answer is "Sand ROCKS!" Get it get it? Sand? Rocks? Oh, shut up, I know it was a lame pun.

Firstborn is making some cookies today - he saw me making up the cake mix from the rear of the cupboard and asked me why he couldn't make a cake. I told him he could. He said there werent any more mixes, so I said make cookies instead. He's doing that right now. I'm only speaking up to show him where the ingredients are. He's reading the recipe and mixing it all up himself. :)

We shall see if he gets the baking powder mixxed up with the baking soda like I did once. Those cookies were sure different. LOL


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