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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I am such a pack rat

Last night I thinned out all the toys in youngests room with DH's help. We had two garbage bags of crap and broken beyond repair toys, a garbage bag of stuffed animals (I let her keep 14 animals and we still got a HUGE bag of 'em out of her room) and all her toddler toys like the ride-on and little tykes people and fisher price people and some other toys like that for the younger set. She still has toys coming out of her ears, ,but they aren't exploding from her room any more. Today I offered all the stuff that's too good to toss on freecycle and most of them were snapped up right away - YAY!

Also today Firstborn was out back clearing out the remaining 6 foot of overgrowth in our yard. There's a reason for it and it's not slave labor. Not really anyhow. LOL. When we moved here the yard was overgrown and covered in garbage. I mean GARBAGE garbage. They took dishes outside and left them because they didn't want to clean them it was that bad. (I took pictures of all the crap that was left in the house - ugh - the horror stories I could tell you about this place!) That's why the house was so cheap. We cleaned a lot of it out and reclaimed about 3 foot of yard shortly after we moved in but there was a HUGE fire ant nest in the final 6 foot and we had to kill those before claiming the rest. Fire ants hurt really bad! One or two bites and you will hurt for quite a few days!

So - overgrown garbage filled back yard, got it? Now, Firstborn likes the woods - our home backs up to a preserve so there's a ton of woods behind our house. You'd think he'd try making his clubhouse or somethign back there. NOPE. Reemmber, he's my kid. He took the yard tools to an empty lot near the bus stop and cleared paths and "rooms" in the brush. Fun for a kid, but there was one small problem. The lot was private property. He also chose to LEAVE our tools on this private property. In the rain.

When we found out about it, we thought to ourselves - HEY, we have a kid that likes clearing brush and overgrown things! Now, what EVER will we punish him with? Let's see, ,overgrown back yard, spanking, overgrown back yard, grounding, Overgrown back yard, yelling, overgrown back yard, hmmmmmm what to do, what to do?

I told Firstborn that since he liked clearing brush so much, he could clear all the brush from the back yard back to the property line. Full fledged grounding would be in force until the job was completed. Well, after about two weeks of self-infliced grounding, he decided to clear the brush. Once he made some progress on it, DH and I went out and helped him with it. Firstborn did the bulk of it though and has the blisters to prove it. He told me he was sorry he ever trespassed and took our tools and would NEVER do that again. Which was exactly my point.

Those stories are all well and good, but do not relate to the title of the post unless you realize that while cleaning out Youngests room, I saved some broken doll heads to scavenge hair from to make my fairy dolls. ALSO while helping Firstborn outside, I scavenged grapevine and make myself a wreath.

I'm such a pack rat.


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