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Monday, April 11, 2005

Stolen images

Somebody's been hot-linking my images and graphics via our wonderful friend Google and their nifty image search. I went from not havign any unusual hits on my pictures to getting about 30 hits in three days from one of my photos. They don't linkdirectly to my site (which would hae made it acceptable to me cause hey - site traffic is site traffic) - oh no, they link the google thumbnail, so everyone clicks the google thumbnail and winds up with my full size image.

I suppose that should be a complement. I mean, my images are cool enough that someone wants to steal them. But on the other hand - I find it annoying and insulting! I mean, those are MY images! This person did not deign to ask me if they could use it - they did not bother saving it somewhere and re-uploading the image to their own server, nope - they hot linked mine. So, my website visitor stats are all screwed up and it's bugging me TO DEATH that I can't find out who's doing it. It's someone on the roadrunner system in virginia is about all I can tell.

If that person is reading my blog - please stop linking my images. My mental patient quotient is high enough as it is, I do not need any more neuroses than I already have at the moment, and ferreting out the THEIF is just going to put me over the edge - let me tell you. the edge of what? Don't ask... just don't ask.... my doctors say it is better if I don't talk about that. LOL


Blogger HomeFireBlue said...

Bandwidth theives blow large! They are scum and should be buried in poopy diapers!

So you can hot-link the thumbs in a Google search? That sucks.:( Sounds like we need an email campaign.


4/12/2005 09:05:00 AM  

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