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Friday, April 08, 2005

The streets are made of gold sometimes - Now with a game of SPOT THE PUN!

There is a pun in today's post. Can you find it? (I'm dying to see how many actually spot it. please post your guess and I'll tell you the answer and who won tomorrow!)

Yesterday evening we had the storm of all storms. Before it was even close to sunset, the sky got black as night and OH the thunder and the rain and the torrential downpouring! This after a morning of crystal clear blue skies. I've lived here a while - not a long time by any means, but a while - and even durring the hurricanes I didn't see skies like we had yesterday. People say "the sky got black - when they are referring to an unusually deep shade of grey - but I'm telling you - the sky was BLACK. There was a UPS truck parked outside the front windows of work and we couldn't tell the difference between the window we saw the truck out of and the window we saw the storm out of. The weather wailed and howled and rained like you've never heard it before - in a cement block building practically nothing is noisy - everything is muffled. Not this rain. Fist sized drops of rain. Wow

So - after all this rain - what happened? we had the sunset of all sunsets. The sky was red and orange and yellow and cream colored, streaky clouds in the horizon filtering the sun and all the water still running like a river down the roads reflectd all this and it was as iff the streets were made of gold. It was completely surreal to drive home in. The air smelled fresh and clean and it was wonderful.

Me? I didn't have my camera. Figures. Not that I would try to take a picture of it while driving or anything (shut up).

Oh - before I forget - they (don't ask me who THEY are because you know who THEY are, they are THEM - the mysterious "other people that don't include me") are going to have a party for the worlds oldest object. Get this: it's a teensy tiny zircon crystal they think is over 4 billion years old. Sound plausible, right? Wrong - think about this a second. They (yes, THEM) are going to have a party for a tiny zircon crystal. Because, you know, there aren't a billion others like it in the world. Nope - this is the only one that is 4 billion years old. All I have to say is this: IT'S A GRAIN OF SAND, PEOPLE! Do you know how many of those I've found in places I don't want to find them in? (Not THERE you freak, like in my hair, my nose (don't ask), I've even had pounds of the stuff wrapped up ever-so-neatly in a towel in my hamper like a sand-grenade at laundry time) So, let's have a party for the worlds oldest object! Sand! YEAH! Wooo Hoooo! Sand ROCKS!

Oh - and I had a brief freak out session in the mercedes (le sigh) on the way to work today. I was behind a black pick up truck that had a beautiful Pit Bull in the back of it. This dog was gorgeous. But completely unfettered by anything. No leash, no collar, NOTHING. I am fine with dogs in the backs of trucks - I am even okay with people in the backs of trucks. But this dog had no leash, no collar and was looking me straight in the eye like "how dare you get close to this car - it's my territory!" Fortunately, before the dog could leap the light turned green and the truck lurched forward, throwing the dog off balance and making him the first one to break eye contact. Such a sign of relief escaped me then - I wasn't even aware I was holding my breath.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm guessing "sand ROCKS". Cate

4/09/2005 03:08:00 AM  

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