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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tense evening

I got practically no sleep last night, and I'm still so tense today.... I think you would be tense too in my situation...

Last night I got home from work and Firstborn came outside with a rubber band strung up between his hands like he was holding a deadly weapon and fully intended to use it. I laughed at him and asked if he intended to kill a fly with it. He told me no, and then explained the creepiest tale I have heard from my kids yet.

Apparently about three days ago Firstborn had been outside with the dogs and he looked up to see a strange man standing at the corner of our house petting and playing with the dogs. None of the dogs were barking at this person and the person was, according to Firstborn, "really really buff". He was wearing raggedy shorts and a raggedy pair of shoes with holes in them, and a shirt with a collar. Firstborn says that when the guy looked up and saw him, he took off running and didn't say a word.

DH and I thought it might have been the meter reader (the meter is on that side of the house) but the electric company says they haven't been out to our house since early this month. Then DH and I thought it might have been a gardener type from the lawn service the neighbors on that side of the house use, but the neighbors aren't answering their door yet, which is odd because they are both retired and don't get out much.

Okay - well if that's not creepy enough for you, all last night long the dogs were going nuts - from about 4am onward. They kept barking and kept barking so much that I got out of bed and took the heavy wooden wedge-bar from the sliding glass door, held it up high and walked around the house. All the kids were safe in bed sleeping and noone was there, but youngest did wake up and run out to me yelling something about her window. I'm not sure what she said but I looked out the window and saw nothing.

Still not wigged out yet? I got to work today and mentioned all this creepiness to my co-worker who told me that on Saturday the local branch of the bank near our house was robbed. That was right around the time Firstborn saw the mystery person the dogs apparently knew and who didn't speak and just ran away.

I've told DH to pester the neighbors to see if they had hired someone fitting firstborn's description today, hopefully they say yes and I'm just being really super paranoid. If they say no, then I'm going to report this to the police.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too creepy. I don't blam you one bit for being so tense. I'd probably totally be freeking out! I'm sure everything will be fine.

4/27/2005 06:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scary story, Karry. I can't believe you went outside looking for someone with the "heavy wooden wedge bar" from the sliding glass door. You are too brave for your own good.

Of course, when my daughter called me and told me some creepy types were parked in her driveway and kept beating on her door, I woke her dad who was in a stupor and hot-footed it over to her house holding up my mini bottle of mace as I approached their car in my flannel pajamas and overcoat.

Thank goodness the driver had better sense than I did and peeled out before I got a good look at them (Darn those black filmed windows!). They never came back, thank goodness! Cate

4/27/2005 06:04:00 PM  
Anonymous kattghoti said...

Whoa... this is totally not a post to be read in the dark. Even though I'm on the third floor of a locked building and no where near Florida, I'm freaked out.

4/28/2005 01:00:00 AM  

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