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Friday, May 27, 2005

And I hope this couple wins!

This is just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. If the situation was reversed, everyone would be in an uproar over it. Someone not letting a Baptist (or a Catholic or a Jew or one of the many other Christianity flavors du jour in this country) practice their religion and teach their children about it??? That would so make front page headlines. Yet I find this article buried pretty deep. Admittedly, Wicca is not my cup of tea, but based on the tenets of this country - WHO ARE WE to deny these people their right to practice and instruct their child in the religion of their choice?? This is just wrong wrong wrong. And also? Very wrong. I hope these parents win. No, I know they will win. If they don't - I'm moving to Canada because America will have become unbearably shameful to call home.


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