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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Been meaning to post this rainbow for about a week but I got sick and well... I'm just now starting to feel better. Didn't need to blow 5000 times today. it was only a 2000 day. DH did this. Isn't it nice!

This is part of today's work. I think it came out nice. DH says it reminds him of the smurfs which is SO not what I was going for. I'm also thinking there should be some sort of something outside the front door - what do you think? A basket? A hoe? A welcome mat? By the way mom, notice how this thing is NOT BALANCED. It's nothing like that balance tree.

This is the sun in the corner of the room. She definitely needs more something - either it's detail on her existing rays or more rays period. She started out the size of a baseball (which looks enormous close up) but was dwarfed by the room. Now she's the size of a volley ball and the rays just make ehr bigger even. Not as big as she ought to be maybe, but I wasn't going to paint her onto the ceiling. That kind of detail on a popcorn texture? No thanks.


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