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Life is not about getting to the destination, life is what happens to you on the way there. 

Monday, May 23, 2005

A different perspective

Well, so many things have gone wrong lately that I have decided to write down a list of all of them and come up with a different perspective on what happened.

1 - Middlechild sprained her thumb.
Bad thing: lots of howling and another medical bill to pay
Good thing: I have stocked up on the "free" hospital gauze, refillable ice paks, medical tape, and now own a real splint. No more popsicle stick splints for this family! No sir!

2 - Drained battery in my new car
Bad thing: down to one car for a while until we had the battery tested and were told it's still a good battery.
Good things: Saving gas money, and we now own a car charger. As long as I remember to plug my car in every night, it works great.

3 - Brakes shot on DH's car
Bad thing: Mechanic refused to fix and recommended scrapping the car cause it's so rusty.
Good thing: Mechanic got the punctured brake line changed before deciding the car was too rusty. Only charged us for his labor. Car is driveable and brakes function again. Score!

4 - Scrap at the neighborhood bus stop with crazy NAP lady
Bad thing: children intimidated, now have a hostile neighbor for unknown period of time until she decides not to renew her lease.
Good thing: Friends with the police now, NAP can't go to the bus stop and scare people any more, I have met many more wonderful parents of neighborhood kids

5 - Head lice again
Bad thing: washing almost every linen, stuffed animal, pillow and article of clothing in this house again.
Good thing: Stock in RID just went up. If only I owned stock.

6 - Washing machine broken
Bad thing: No way to do laundry, so now I have garbage bags of laundry residing in my garage.
Good thing: The machine was ugly and hadn't been spinning things dry properly for a while now. Every little thing put it off balance - wash towels? HAH! We needed a new one.

7 - Youngest being held back in Kindergarten
Bad thing: She will in all liklihood wind up being the oldest and most ridiculed child in her grade if I let this happen
Good thing: I will get to meet lots of new people as I argue myself into getting my own way and promoting her to first grade.

8 - Getting sick as a dog
Bad thing: No vacation time is accrued yet (I used it all already) so I can't take a sick day. hacking a lung in front of clients = bad
Good thing: I thought about nostril horns again and giggled myself to sleep for a couple nights. Finished several books when staying up all night hacking a lung. Remembered why I once considered tattooing "Nyquil is a sick man's nectar of the gods" in purple gel pen on my arm.

9 - sending an inappropriate e-mail out of the office and inadvertently publishing it to thousands of clients
Bad thing: LOTS of attention drawn to myself and my career
Good thing: um, well, I can't think of anything really - but I did discover that I have a really cool support group online!

10 - 9 bad things happening to me or my family in the course of a month?
Bad thing: tempers are flaring, patience is thin, everyone is stressed
Good thing: Bad thigns come in sets of three - so with three sets of three, I'm literally all done with bad things. Also, life isn't boring cause I'm guaranteed something new happening to me every day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Sweetie, I understand how you feel... I remember when we were in the middle of corn and soybeans and we had years of bad luck also... but it made us stronger and drew us closer together... and I am sure you remember all those happy times... (smile)I miss you all and I wish I could be closer. Life will get better, don't give up. Love you, Mom

5/24/2005 07:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well at least you can find some good coming out of the bad! Keep up head up things will get better. Rachel

5/24/2005 12:51:00 PM  

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