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Friday, May 27, 2005


"come by anytime tomorrow" they said, "We will be here all day"
Is 6pm fine?
"That would be great, we will be here"
You sure that's okay? It's close to dinnertime...
"Oh yes, we have nothing planned for tomorrow, come by anytime we will be here. Here's my cell phone number"
Okay, thank you! I'll call you tomorrow and see you tomorrow evening! Bye!
"Bye! We will be here!"

Exit stage left

"You should call them and ask if it's okay to come by a little early - since we have the truck rented we might as well try to get it done now"
"Yeah, you are right. I'll call them"
Riiiiiiing riiiiiiing Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messenging center..... BEEP
"Hi, this is Karry calling about the washer, We have the truck and wondered if it would be okay to come by a little earlier but you guys are probably not near the cell phone to hear it ring. I'll try again in a little bit but you can call me back on my cell at *******"

Riiiiing Riiiiing Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messenging center...... BEEP
"Hi! This is Karry calling about the washer, just wanted to see if you were at the house, you said to drop by anytime so we are on our way over. I know you are probably busy unpacking so I guess I will talk to you when we get there, but if you aren't there and you get this message, you can call my cell at ******* or Dh's cell at ********* and let us know when you think you might be back. "

Riiiiiing Riiiiing Your call ahs been forwarded to an automated voice messenging center.... BEEP
"Hi? Um, , this is Karry calling about the washer. I only have the truck for a couple more hours, can you please call me? We tried to go to the house again but you weren't there. I'm thinking you might still be packing or something? My cell number is ******* and DH's cell is *******, but I am at home again right now, you can call me at home if you like at *******. So, ,anyway, I was hoping to get the washer tonight like we agreed and I have to return this truck tonight cause they will charge me extra if I don't so...... well, anyhow, let me know okay? Thanks!"

It's almost 10pm and still no call. I'm now not just disappointed but greatly pissed off because I rented this truck and everything. I could have used that money for something else. Why why WHY do people not keep their word? A person is only as good as their promises and I'm finding out that these people are really not as nice as I thought they were. The friend who put me in touch with them can't reach these people either. Who knows. I'm thinking you will see me at the laundromat for a while.....

EDIT: I shouldn't really be too grumpy about the cost of the truck - I mean - scoring a rental on a holiday weekend is tough but I did it, and we *WERE* able to use it to pick up a replacement bed at Goodwill for youngest. (had to occupy ourselves somehow) It was only $50 with a nice frame and a box spring and mattress so I couldn't NOT get it - especially since firstborn tackled the last one and shattered the siderail and shredded/impaled the mattress..... She's a bit tired of sleeping on the floor. So, there is that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's tough. But on the upside you made it very entertaining for us to read about. I do sympathize though. I can't tell you how many times we've had people promise us they would do something or be somewhere and not show up or even call. (Do they not realize in a town this small they probably WILL see us again and have to talk to us. I would be so embarassed if I were them, BUT THEY'RE NOT!) Cate

5/28/2005 09:01:00 AM  

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