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Saturday, May 21, 2005

I... Just... Give..... UP

Never ever in all my years as a parent have I EVER had so MANY cases of lice. Youngest is infested. Fortunately MiddleChild and Firstborn and everyone else is not.

Critters must really like the warm air here in Florida, either that or it's the trailer trash that lives near me and rides the same bus as my kids.....

I've ruled everything else out.

I never get them, DH never gets them, Firstborn never gets them, but the girls get them all the time. They've sworn they haven't had any comb/brush swapping since the last episode, and nobody shares clothing with children outside our family anymore.... We don't let the kids sleep over anywhere and we don't have anyone over here. We don't even trade back packs between children anymore. (Probably why the infestation has been limited to Youngest so far)

Thank goodness there's only one more week of school left. I don't think I could take much more of this.

(dork alert: I just typed that last post without looking at the keys once. GO ME!)


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