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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New Blog Feature

At the very bottom of the page I put a javascript doodad I got from one of my favorite publications called This Is True. It's written by a rather nice guy in Colorado about all the strange and interesting news stories. I've subscribed to his free e-mail publications for years and he has asked all his readers to spread the word as he would love to increase his readership. So - there's the new feature at the bottom. Every day you will see a different "weird news story" from the archives, and if you like what you read, I ask that you give him a click through and possibly subscribe. He's never sold my e-mail address and I bought my "get out of hell free" business cards from his shop a while back. (note to self - buy more) PLEASE NOTE - I get NOTHING for recommending him. He provides me with a good and funny e-mail to read once a week, so the least I can do is tell you about him.

Now, even if I don't post that day - there will always be something new here to read. :)

I'm sorry about making you all scroll to the bottom to see it, I tried to put it higher up on the blog, but it just doesn't fit in the skinny left hand column properly. Something goofy with the Javascript I suspect. I'll be e-mailing him later to see if he has any suggestions for me.



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